Let me introduce Southern Xposure

First off, this 

is not Southern Xposure, this is csaflag Southern Xposure. An educational and heritage organization dedicated to preserving and furthering of the Cause of Southern Liberty. Our Southern ways of life have always been criticized and condemned but many also use the cause, to feather their own nests or to belittle or trash our confederacy even the one that today is still fighting Northern bigotry. From the time I discovered my own Southern roots to today, and from the time My Mom who is very southern, taught me the truth of the war of Northern Invasion, I have pledged my allegiance to America, my soul to Jesus Christ and my heart to Dixie. It wasn’t just the love of a TV show about Moon shiners. It was the knowledge of and the appreciation of those brave souls, that fought brother against brother, father against son, son against father over taxation, and states rights. As well as individual rights. Not Slavery and racism that is so often the condemnation of our Southern people.This then is Southern Xposure. 

Ya’ll stay tuned.


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