The mouse jumps this way and I grab it with my paw, the mouse jumps that way and I grab it with my paw, until I get tired of the mouse and just squash its ass.

Good morning Dixie, Cooler today high’s only reaching into the 60’s and much colder tonight. 

I have figured out something and I’m sure it’s nearly dead on the mark. FakeBook does not like my postings very much, nor does it like that I may be getting popular. Popularity equals income serious income, income means ability to get attorney’s , attorneys means class action lawsuits, and that’s something FakeBook can’t quite handle right now. The publicity of another legal fiasco would nearly topple the card house that FakeBook and its creator built. Yet for the most part, FakeBook for right now remains the king of social media, but the King, may soon be the queen with a golden dildo shoved up her ass. Seems I go along and kabang I get this pop up that says chat is unavailable. Really? Seems to be working okay. Of course our pages, groups and so on, are constantly being scanned, posts abruptly removed and it goes on and on. Reason, if its not generated by FakeBook, FakeBook don’t want it. I was greatly impressed a few weeks ago or so, when I saw that FakeBook’s creator had erected a Confederate flag on the campus of FakeBook in Palo Alto California. However from many of the Confederate brethren’s groups and pages noise is FakeBook don’t want that flag or any part of it on FakeBook. Now don’t fret none though cause from what I’m hearing from the trade publications on things Internet and such is that come next year, maybe as soon as just after New Years, that FakeBook will start charging occupancy fees for access to FakeBook, especially if you head up a group or page. The noise I read says it’ll be nominal, around, $20.00 a month. Reason in part is so that FakeBook can verify its subscriber or clients. Yep, your credit card is your ID on FakeBook. First , can you really trust FakeBook? While breaches in security have been rampant at FakeBook here lately, I’m not one to just hand over my plastic. Second can you depend on FakeBook, to keep a line on it’s subscriber fees? Yea like they keep their word that you can only spend just so much on an ad. Sure you spend it, but then to keep the ad current or updated they say, increase your spending limit. Does this mean that once you pony up the $20.00 that if you access so many groups or pages that a notice will pop up saying you need to increase your spending limit if you want to comment on a page and or group? Where does that end? The thing is, for many people FakeBook is a center of their lives. Many stay on FakeBook for hours, even days, chatting or commenting. Yet you see posts from nature groups asking , if you could live in a remote cabin. So many say yes, but those same people would go bizzerk if there was no Internet and thus no FakeBook. Where does greed end? On social sites, internet and all, Church leaders last Sunday,  were all but saying that and I do believe this, but that social media is corrupting our youth, for some reason especially women and teenage girls. So Church leaders set out a challenge for Church members to do a 10 day fasting of social media, especially FakeBook. I would love to see the numbers on this. I’d like to see just how many Church members can fast from social media. I do have an idea for our Church leaders and the Church does have the financial and tech resources to do it, how about the Church create its own, Church approved social media site? I’d be the first to sign up. A site that had Church gospel discussions, talks and other such. But something that removed the porn, satanic music, and foul language , that instead uplifted and drew us closer to Jesus Christ. Instead of that satanic music, have Church songs being played, or just the Church Choir singing, and that pipe organ playing. Nothing gives me peace more than those two. 

Okay, yes I’m still awake and time waits for nobody, and yes I’m worried as can be on my being gave the boot here in Jerome. Yes I’m going to protest the action, but only as long as it takes to vacate. To exit Taco Town Idaho is no sweat off my butt. Will be on air overnight Thursday(tonight) starting at 21:00 (9:00 PM ) Mountain Standard time, on 

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