HazzardAyre-Rebel Radio is the ensample of what confederate radio should be.

Good Saturday morning, Rebel Radio will be on air at 13:00 today with a whole bushel of new stuff. Time to shake the dew off the Lilly of the gig. Copy that? The contention between the Knytes, myself and FakeBook continues. They even went and it does piss me off , but FakeBook even went so far as to put my in the deep freeze to where I can’t comment on subjects on any other page or in any other groups except for mine as well as restricting my communications with friends on my friends list. Is this democracy or a forced through socialist censorship? Damn Yankee bastards any way. Thing is, outside of my groups or rather those for you our Club and supporters of the Club(s) our pages and groups are the only ones I give a rats ass about. Except for All For Fun, which I no longer can access as even that I cannot read because of the deep freeze. Since its a secret group , guess what one can’t even do a FakeBook search for it and find it. Oh well. huh? 

Went out to the JoHansen Farm yesterday to retrieve a old tractor for restoration. Saw that farmer JoHansen had a bunch of new born pigglettes . Now I don’t want to take away from my 4 legged Wolf friends, but I do not know of any critter more cute than a baby pig. I’m sorry sort of, but those little fat bodies running around on those tiny legs and their hardly developed little ears just a flapping with that curled up tiny tail, I just think they are as cute as can be. Even their muffled little oinks are cute. Okay then moving on here. 

HAZZARDAYRE TAG 3 Ever since HazzardAyre Radio went on the air in 1976 , we have grown beyond anything any of us in the Knytes ever thought it would. We started with a super mini control mixing board, from Radio Shack, a 100 watt tube type transmitter, a 8track tape player for commercials, two turntables for records and a cassette and reel open reel tape deck. an old tuner from a Panasonic stereo and a fiberglass antenna that was white that blended in to and with the white poplar trees in back of our house which was good since the revenuers from the FCC could never find us. They suspected , just never could find. We had a reach from Glenns Ferry Idaho, to Shoshone, to Filer and the first exit 168 of Jerome Idaho. It wasn’t until we launched Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio as our overnight long haul gear splitter show in 1995 that we then saw an offer from a satellite radio thing that took both HazzardAyre and Dixie Diesel to syndication. That evolved into us after long trials, going online webcast style radio in 2013. In late 2019 we are poised to launch on XM Satellite as well as online. Over the years its been a real long haul with many detours, exits, stalls and overhauls. Yet for the most part we still have our same people in engineering, business finance and other key spots. What we did and still do, is program from the gut. In truth we do Fight the System and are as anti-establishment and radio of mayhem as can be. We report on news and topics no one else dares, no radio, nor local TV station even steps into what we do. Even before Howard Stern became popular we were truly radio at least in the Mountain West that goes where no radio dares to go. When Dr. Ruth came out in mid 1979 with Sexually Speaking on AM 640 KFI, and then went syndicated no one in our market dared go there. People who had no idea of the opposite gender or how the sexual body worked were at a loss, but here came Dr. Ruth. And Dr. Ruth’s show got on HazzardAyre, as well as KTOW FM. We even launched an LPAM at the time at AM 1090. When NASCAR and MRN started doing flag to flag live coverage of major NASCAR races in early 1983 just after my Mom died, KTOW as well as HazzardAyre Radio also became an afflliate of the MRN which is the Motor Racing Network. When NBC was looking for a radio partner KTOW in June 1983 became that radio partner, which we were the only locally operated radio group, that ran Sally Jessie Rapheal, Bruce Williams, and Benard Meltzer on a thing they called TalkNet. The way we did it without having a good ISDN connection was to piggy back the shows from KNBR out of san Fran. In 1985 KTOW relocated our studios having a long microwave shot at where our towers are on the Bell Rapids Desert, but we opened up in Eagle Idaho. We continued to grow. In 1987 we launched KRVI AM in Springfield Idaho(yes there is such a town.) KRVI, the Rural Voice of Idaho. Carried HazzardAyre. In 2012 we fired up what was the KDXB FM 101.5 out of Malta Idaho, with studios in Heyburn Idaho. In 2017 we bought two more stations in and around the greater Pocatello area, as well as two more stations in Wyoming. One out of Jackson Hole, and one out of Green River Wyoming. And just last year we refired KTOW FM 105.7 out of Buhl/Jerome Idaho. See what happens when you dare not to kiss someone’s butt? You grow. You have to be aggressive, at times you have to bootleg but still you grow, and as such the Knytes as well as the WolfPack gains in income to just under $500, million dollars a year, and we don’t intend to back off now. What folks see as a very punee run down building in Jerome Idaho, is just the top of the ant hill as the flagship of HazzardAyre Radio. Simply put, HazzardAyre is everywhere, over the air and online. At: http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf which will soon be: http://www.spreaker.com/hazzardayre Okay, if you have noticed we have a new honey sister in the mix of the Ladies-of-the Knytes, 44536007_10216610473444934_7873817703847297024_n we want to welcome her to our organization. Again we’ll be on air at 13:00 or as civies say it, 1:00PM Until then, Stay Tuned.

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