Before I get off on my regular rant here. Want to thank both Brother and Sister Yost, for the apple juice. Been scarfing that down all morning. Of course I’d be half way to Etown by now if it were not for a series of events. The first was the remains of a tow call, to which I twisted my ankle which besides some rather profane syllibles and wanting to kill a public employee for not filling in a post hole that I tripped in it was pain meds and all day in bed. Something about Percocet and serious Jack Daniels that numbs the mind, and puts one into the outter limits of being conscience. So now I await for day light and get on my way to go fetch my pay over at DI. Still looking after alternative places to hang my hat as well as to stable the radio werx, around here as well as ETown, and even metro Utah. With a limited amount of money to spare and time not being a luxury its time to shake and quake.

So I finally got out of the FB Freezer, and while I can comment on certain groups and all I’m keeping my comments and posts to those people I know, or that I have established a real friendship with, and groups and pages that are ones one of our brethren have constructed or manages. Beyond that my involvement in much on FakeBook is going to remain just as it would be if I were still in FB Jail. I preached to PoohBear that if she wanted friends and all she had to reach out. Explore subjects that she did not know and just get some giggles. However in my recent experience there, not extending one self beyond that of which or who you really know is not wise. As it’ll come up and hit you between the eyes. 

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