More rummaging around with a Twisted Toewer .What is this about feet and toes?

This is the time of the day when I want to get at things but because of the restrictive nature of the village I reside in, everyone is still in bed and as such can’t do much, plus producing a radio show is not as easy as it sounds. Of which I got some more inquiries on this tow versus toe thing. This is a toe> sweet hoof this is a tow truck>Lexi2 this 1b23331f400302329b938b0f853db7f1is spelled TOE, while this>61ydjwrHC3L._SX425_ is spelled TOW, when I say we love(luv) toews its an amalgamation of the two words TOE and TOW as to TOEW. Which occurred in 2009 at our radio studios in Gooding Idaho. One of my interns Emme said just scrunch the words together that way there can be no mistakes in pronouncing the word, nor mixing up its meeting. A few months later our Nurse GoodBody did it up for an ad that said we LuV Toews and the result has became a visual trademark for my company as well as our radio gig. luv toews2 with that said there still are a lot of purists that need hand holding to understand even the most simplist of things. Now once upon a time there was this thing brought into popularity by high fuel prices, a 55mph speed limit, and cops on a binge to make money from that 55 or double nickle limit. It was called the CB radio. Now truckers and all us ratchetjawers had our own language, and one of the words was Hooker, which meant a tow truck, not a Pavement princess. Okay when I first got LexiBelle, I scanned a pic in the now original version of Overdrive magazine. The result was I named my company Highway Hooker Toewing . In mid 2005 on a break away from my chores doing media, then residing in Centerville Utah, I passed through the village of CokeVille Wyoming. Little did I know about the idiot that held people mainly kids hostage there not too long before. However since and I suppose it was easy to draw this conclusion, but the shop was named the Kat-House where we repaired Cat Diesel engines, in trucks, farm and construction equipment. And naming the tow service Highway Hooker Toewing along with that was probably not the wisest choice, but instead of some of the city locals taking a more wider focused look at things, but it came down to a at gun point run me out on a rail effort. The thing was the result, of as it was said, by some Church types of which of the 504 population town , maybe 20 of that 504 were not members of the Church of Jesus Christ-of-Latter Day Saints. Because of that and some prior mishaps by the Church here in this area of Idaho, I had pretty much swore off the Church. I retained my faith and knowledge of the gospel of the Church, just not so much of some of those who, ran or were officers of the Church. Until I moved from Twin Falls to Ogden in mid 2014 then to Evanston Wyoming, in late 2014 early 2015. Mark my Bishop there besides all the financial things, helped me regain my testimony of the church and its gospel. Not only Mark, but Vern and my dear friend Dave when I was looking to move back over here said there is a wide difference between the church members of Wyoming, Utah and certainly Idaho. When I finally moved here two years ago now, I flat did not fit in, the Magic Valley I left years ago, had became the Tragic Valley. As such with some fiascos here lately especially Deseret Industries, and them discharging me just because my only daughter died of a blood clot in her lungs, Gives me wonder of how could a subsidiary of the Church with our saviors name on the front door, be so heartless as to discharge without understanding me, because I had to bury my daughter? Later this morning I’m going over to fetch my check , but it would be a great favor and blessing if a few high ranking and even authority ranking friends of the Church of mine, might could call the Twin Falls Idaho unit of Deseret Industries and say hey be of a heart , you misjudged Brother Montgomery, give him his job back. Hope Mark and Kathleen amongst others reads this.  Any mile certain things can warp our faith, more over in trusting others, In this instance its I kneel and pray, and hope for a brighter day. There needs to be some relief.


35360699_10155581427882503_2285362930109120512_nNUDE BASIC

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