As a canine loves to chew on ransit things so do I .

There are certain traits or at least cravings that usually aren’t shared between humanoids and our 4 legged counterparts. However and it most likely is only me, but canines and at least e love to nuzzle and chew on some of the most ransit and smelly things. Such as I have a tiny wolf pup, that got his tiny paw stuck on a goathead sticker. Anybody in these parts knows about goatheads. Any mile so here he is, and of course there’s some really stinky nylons on the floor that I have yet to hang up in the studio. So what does Sunny do? He starts sniffing then knawing on em. Guess the craving is not to distant since at times this is something I kinda enjoy.  Of course too and I see it very frequently. While of the same basic species, still a Wolf is much more evolved than any dog, . A Wolf is 800 times more intelligent, and able than a woof woof. Yet for the damnest reason all too many compare or combine the two. It’s like saying, that man came from apes. Sure we’re both bypeds but that’s about the only comparrison. The two just are not. Okay then. Was not on air overnight due to being still in pain, from my sprained ankle. I wont go into the goings on over at DI, although I have a phone call I think coming in today, from there . But it all was a great learning experience. I have though noticed something, and its not knocking the Church itself or its gospel. As I fully know that our denomination is true. What I have noticed is all too many are distancing themselves from the body of the Church due to some serious contentions in leadership and local extensions of the church. Like DI. Of course the Church did themselves the injustice, because it started to allow none church members to enroll in such things as DI. If they had kept it, purly Church members only the diversity of mind paths would not have occurred. And now we have two new things to bring to your attention. 

A sweet young lady in South Africa, who I met in a Wolf appreciation group on FB is looking at coming to America. Seems as though some political and such battles are happening there in with Farmers being killed and all. So the WolfPack OUR 

WolfPack is working as we speak to do just that. Apparently her guy works here in the states, while her clan needs to venture here to our nation, our Wolf-Sister, needs things so we are working up a gofundme project to get her the funds to do that, and pulling some strings at DOJ and SD to bring her and family here.

wolfpack wings logo

Last but not least. Our WolfPack is getting on board of a Wolf Preservation project. Wolves are being slaughtered everyday in this nation. It is more prevelant in our woods than just about anywhere since the introduction several years ago, of Canadian grey wolves into Yellowstone Park in neighboring Montana/Wyoming. Now if and I say if, the wolves had migrated here on their own there might be a case on the opposition side. However the Grey Wolves were gathered up, loaded into trucks, trailers etc and transplanted to our region. What the Interior Department amongst others thought that the wolves were just going to read a map and stay in Jellystone Park? Of course they are going to wander and build packs all over this area. Its not fair and once again, man stuck his snotty nose in where it should not have been. As such these wonderful creatures are being threatened by greedy ranchers and politicians. So we as a WolfPack are doing something about it. So we are appealing to all the wof appreciation and admiration groups on FB and on our radio shows to pony up say $100.00 or so a piece. Stay home one weekend , and send what that night out would cost and send it to us, that way we can hire people like attorneys to file paper, to preserve or at least thwart the mindless execution of these fine majestic creatures. If you’d like to help, please send your tax deductable contribution to: WolfPack, care of; KTOW FM 209 North Lincoln Jerome Idaho 83338. 

I’m hungry see ya’ll on the radio this evening.


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