Stories from a forgotten time, but could they be done today?

There are pieces of literature that are in these times are so obscure that all too many have forgotten. One such that I trip over on a regular basis is a Movie then book rather than the other way around, called Summer of 42.  Gary Grimes, Jennifer O’Neil, in a man becoming of age by being bedded with an older woman. Discovering his man hood in a rather instructive way. Yet I wonder could such a film or story happen today without it being subjected to the ridicule of the #metoo, or at least feminazi save the innocent children movements. More like bowel movements. I remember when I was just about 14 I used to ride my mini bike over to a scrap yard of a friend of mine, who had 55 to 57 Chevies all over the place plus all kinds of parts. On a given day his then just close to being divorced wife, was there, she invited me in for an ice tea, and I’ll let you finish the rest in your mind. Yes the Summer of 42, really played out in my life, but I’m getting off track. Thing is both TV, movies and especially TV even the Netflix, and all these features are or have been forgotten. Not just our beloved Dukes-of-Hazzard, or Airwolf, but many others from B.J. & The Bear, and others have just faded away into the western horizon sunset.  Historical things like the truth of the war of Northern invasion, to our southern lands the Native American’s whose stories of only a few tribes are told. Example; On a FB group that claims to honor our native American’s, two tribes are seldom spoken of, one in particular. The Umitilian Tribe, in central Oregon, and in our area the Shoshone/Bannock tribe just a few clicks over from us here in western Idaho. Granted the Shoshone/Bannock tribe is more like an amalgamation of two tribes, the Blackfeet, of Montana, and the Utes of Utah, yet are a people all their own, many there are very , very close friends of mine. But does anyone speak up for the tribe? No. One of our own radio station’s beginnings was in part due to the generosity of the Navajo nation of Arizona. KTNN or The Navajo Nation AM 630 was one of the few area big watt stations to carry our networks programs. The mother, and my ex, whose daughter our daughter just passed away a week ago now, was Umaltilian tribe family, and so it goes. Again I’m drifting. Thing is there is so much that is never spoken of , because of some sort of need to be politically correct. There are legends and books that are never presented to the public especially on social sites like FakeBook, Twitter, or even Google + that will soon in itself be done away with. Another example of recent music prior to his death and about 3 others on the album called Old Dawgs(dogs) was Waylon, Jerry, Mel and two more that did a entire ensample of country music aimed at mainly males that were in our pre-senior citizen ages. So I did a look see on FB, guess what? Not one thing was even posted, let alone a fan page of it. As it is, who is going to write these stories? Who is going to maintain, these historical gems? If you ask ten people over at the age of their mid 40’s you’d have a hard time finding even 4 that even had heard of the book let alone movie Summer of 42, or a Summer’s Place.  Much less had ever read either of them. You can even read a book as many of us did, called , ” Where the Red Fern Grows” and of course “old yeller” which was written by an author in Idaho Falls Idaho. Yet few of our youth have ever heard it, and oh yes remember Lassie? much of that was filmed in and near to Rigby Idaho. Yet our youth forgets this. You see being politically correct does not mean being properly correct. Some of what we’re covering today on Rebel Radio starting at 15:00 hours. on: 


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