I truly hate those who love to belittle or talk down to me. I also dislike those who chew on my tenacity or integrity.If some folks don’t like our gate, don’t swing on it.

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Today was one of those Friday’s when if I had a pistol I’d shoot myself in the head. My head cold started acting up again around 15:00 and even though the bottle says no more than 2 doses in 24 hours, I have taken 4 doses in 12 hours. NyQuil I think don’t do much to help. So with that said, I took my Goody’s Powders and I have a question here, why is it that some Pharma companies can’t make a product for colds and flu that’s as effective as Goody’s Powders is on headaches? Now I know that the same folks makes that  product, but Goody’s Cold/Flu formula is only available in our beloved south, not up here. Okay so going past that. So I saw this group/fb thing on FakeBook, with a name of something Maidens. Here are way under 45 year olds parading around in ridiculous makeup, and such, so I pitched the idea that maybe some of that talent could or might be interested in working with some of our projects. Now if you think that such a thing is biased, bet your next FAA annual inspection that if I had been a woman pitching the same offer, there would have been honeys for money overflowing in there. Talk about breaking through a glass ceiling. So I left that conversation with hey if your people want real work on TV and such, best call us if not see ya. Don’t go away mad, just go away. Then of course came the 3rd degree. Okay so this website isn’t fully developed yet, which is why we need the talent in part, plus someone to piece it all together, which is something we are doing is finding the who, who can do the html and such work. Okay then got that out of the way, and decided to scan over my email inbox. There is a column thing on there from old and dear friend Zeb Bell. Which had said that Zeb was anything but a considerate, understanding and outspoken man. Which he is. He worked with Al Lee at KART AM 1400 here in JTown at the same time I did. In his column Zeb recounted something about how he went to Tweaker Flatts a few ago, and someone that tried to shut down Zeb’s Radio show, on KBAR(Yes the same station we tried to buy in 2012)Calling Zeb, a racist, bigot, and so on. Hey Zeb old buddy I get the same thing. Except mine is ten fold since I represent and hold dear everything confederate not always Nothern Yankee America. In fact I called Zeb’s show once back years ago, when I pitched the idea of wanting to go to the same schools that his guest at the time, was pitching the Yankee version of the war of northern invasion , I thought perhaps speaking on our side of that historical conflict from the Confederate point of view. Of course that on air call got about 3 minutes if that, so if Zeb was a bigot or racist, that call might have been allowed to be longer. Although the meaning of what took place is blemished by such things that few Yankees have no clue of. Just like Zeb, I hate it terribly when our station, our programs on that station, or my own tenacity, reputation, and integrity is challenged. If someone does not like our gate don’t swing on it. Every single solitary page and or group I have on FB, is directly tied to one of our shows, 4 are of the station itself. Same goes with all the Blogger, Lycos, and other writings I do. I’ll be Farmer Brown, before I let anyone trash what has taken 44 years to build. Then there’s the one honey whom I’m busting my butt for even with this blooming cold or flu, to get imported here to America. Her parents and to maybe a lesser degree, her son, were saying they did not believe us or me for what we were doing for them. First off on that, its no dang skin off my nose if she comes or not. It just makes my day a little more busier, but still I am giving her a career better than housekeeping, her son a introductory course on broadcast engineering which is something our industry is crying for. A broadcast engineer, a good one, that knows old as well as new broadcast tech, can punch his own ticket , and be pulling in 9 digit incomes. Yet even she gave me the 4th degree. Now these things, going through every damn Federal agency that has anything to do with immigration; especially right now with President Trumps policies, is a mountanious task. Favors have to be called in, Senators, Congress-people, etc with their heads into mid term elections its a tough job just to make a phone call. And what did or do I ask for in return besides her coming to us for work? One just believe and have faith in our process, and two although it was tongue in cheek, but to put on some nylons, and take a picture of her toes/feet. Why? As I have explained before the gals we hire that do that are ones we know will do just about anything on the job we ask them to. Its a test of 1; following instructions, 2: stage directions, and 3: Dependability. After all the station’s call letters are KTOW or KAY(toe)Tow. Which means feet and toes are featured in just about all our visual promotions. We settled all that, and we’re good, but hey, do not bite the hand that will feed you. Then of course there’s the FB thing. Earlier tonight, I went in and pulled out of quite a few FB groups and pages except for ours. I defriended a bunch of people as well. I basically cleaned up my house on FB. If it don’t stop soon, I’ll just kill my FB account and not even worry about it. It’s good for some people, but not for me. And its not been that healthy for the Knytes and damn well not for the AyreWolvez. I dropped Wolf Spirit, All For Fun, and about two more. The only groups I’m sticking with except for ours is those that deal with fixing trucks, and those dealing with toewing, the rest can kiss my ass. In the words of the late Mike Parkhurst original President of the ITA, and publisher of Overdrive magazine, he said ,  ” Don’t lie about me and I wont have to tell the truth about you” Nuff said. 

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