Just once, just once I wish the people who sign up for an account or post stuff on FakeBook would be real.

Just once, I mean just once, I’d like to see a posting or a friend request on facebook that is real and from someone that I could if I needed to , count on. I get one from some chick who looks like a dream, yet she wants me to send her a gift card for a rose or two on Amazon. Or I get one from someone that is posing as an actress, yet it’s some guy, more than likely a gender challenged male. Really? Or postings on a Wolf admiration group, from people that would crap their panties if the even came up on a REAL wolf. While they’re are some exceptions few and I mean even fewer are as real as we are. HazzardAyre, and especially everything AyreWolf spelled exactly that way is not only trademarked, and owned by us, but we also have a Dunn and Bradstreet number. There is no cover ups, on all of our pages and in our groups in the about sections our contact information is there and always kept current. When you log onto our streaming service for any one of our radio shows, you see our exact radio going and you find that if you simply push the damn play button you hear me and or one of our people ON THE AIR, just as it is over the air in all of our stations, including the over the air grand old KTOW FM. As said we are the exception. That said there are some things hidden and justifiable so. And there are things I will not ask anyone for, or submit to them, such as anything financial or something that a hacker could use to stick their sticky fingers into. Not just mine, but the treasury of the foundation or the Clubs. I’m sorry that ain’t going to happen. Over the many years of being around computers and the Internet, outside of maybe 3 of which one is PoohBear who will soon be my mate, one that nearly did, in 2002, and one that I still very much miss and who I still chat with on one of our secret websites. But never on FakeBook. Zuckerberg it has been reported will soon not have any control over FakeBook. Reports have said the FakeBook Board of Directors and quite a few stockholder are threatening to vote to have his tiny white butt given the boot and an independent CEO put in his place, it might mean he can no longer have that tag on his business card that reads, I am CEO Bitch” At least mine remains for the time being any way solid, although mine simply stands for Commanding Executive Officer. Yes I got demoted from a PoohBear episode. But at least I retained in a spot that I still call the shots. Of course there is that group that from which we found a possible Sister from. It’s called Wolf Spirit. About 80% of those in that group would crap their panties if they ever got really close to a live wolf. Somehow I can look ours right in the eyes and communicate with them, so I have no fear. I can walk up just about any pack, get close to their young and sleep in the same camp with them in complete peace and no worries. Most humanoids can’t. Then there are all these groups and pages of models and talent pages of satanic rituals . Most have no clue as to being inside of a inner circle. Most have never drank the blood from the cup of another humanoid, yet that’s one of the rituals of the Knyte’s entry ceremony. This ceremony was adopted from a TV drama of Klingon culture but it holds in the Knytes. While some things are in fact satanic or devil worship, there are some things of a spiritual nature, that mirrors that of satanic practices. More over there are those Witches, Vampires, Warlocks, Wolvez and such that are known as White Lighters. Which means good rather than evil, but still supernatural. 

I have never seen much in the way of FakeBook filtering out fraud from real, although we get questioned a lot. That goes to a three year now battle, between myself, the Knytes and FakeBook. See they twice overcharged the clubs treasury so we stopped that, ever since then we and fakebook, are at odds and that don’t look like it’ll change much. But just once, just once, I’d like to see a group. page or request for help from the Knytes be real, not fake. 


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