Yesterday I was dead on my feet, today, not so much, and I feel a bit free-er.

Yesterday I was dead on my feet. My head felt like a beach ball, and I barely could breathe. today after assualting this head cold with serious ingestions of NyQuil and Goody’s Powders15421011_1473762432633939_5415492386112060685_n and am feeling more like my hungry wolf self. Although with my Wolf senses more atuned right now with the October full moons, my wolfiesenses are more awake. With my new Wolf pup, that I call Sunny, by my side it is a canine world here in my world. 

Now yesterday I got the news I needed I can go back to work on the Docks at DI. So am pursuing that. More on the self survival thing and keeping a roof over my head and retaing where the radio station in, we are scrambling. With that, and bringing a sweetheart that we are going to put into the staff and work flow here we are serious about what is and will be the full bench press of HazzardAyre/KnyteWolf Media as a sub of SouthernSteele Communications, as the voice of Confederate america. We are getting serious about our mission. It means finding business’s and gaining venture capitol to fund this enterprise. Remember the Knytes are not, repeat NOT that affluent right now. Last 4 years since that mammoth rumble in Texas over getting into a deadly brawl with a few other MC’s at that cafe in Waco Texas. the attoreys fees getting our people who got caught up in that maylay cost the Knytes $1.5 Million to defend and free OUR members from that. Harley Davidson cut their contribution to the club to only 10% of net sales here, John Deere cut their contribution, and as such we are fighting to retain our treasury full enough to keep current and future marketing and operations funds above water. 

This means very careful creative accounting and making extra outside organization funding. With me working at DI and maintaining my own vocational companies going, means not a lot of ability to go out and hunting prey for funds.  Remember I’m only a step away from the Big ^)60 I’m not the young wolf I used to be, I’m wearing down sick wolf so there needs to be more people in the media werx. So as the club and I agree we are aiming to have an all Female staff. That presents a sore situation with PoohBear, that said, getting throught that with her not getting her feathers ruffled is like walking through a mine field. However experience has proved that having female sales force out selling ad time, being on accounting, and front office support right to in studio on air staff that can be trained, is a long hard training effort. Yesterday was a mind probe into my brain. I am working 15 hour days, I go until I get sick. And with this diabetes and all my life has shortened to a mere 5 years to a maximum of 10 years shorter. So I need people in the company. Those people are in all places around the globe, and if bringing just one from South Africa, Then so be it. Any mile time to get the show on the air updates this afternoon. Until then fly with us.


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