America needs to get on the same page and get our shyt together


I don’t give a rats ass about who is in the oval office right now or for that matter running for office in our state. Quite frankly I don’t trust today’s politicians. It wasn’t always that way with me. When we had people in office like Frank Church, Senator McClure, Dirk Kempthorne, Governor Evans we had people who were not on the bribe take, nor all together corrupt. More over they were accessable. at least you could contact them, even drive to the State Capitol and see them. Not today, heck I ain’t seen squat of anybody running for office, nor had them contribute one single penny to their re-election through KTOW or any of our groups stations. When Senator Rische and Crapo was running for re-election at least they contributed to the TV gig we did at CH-12 in Pocatello. I ain’t heard a wimper from either this season, even though our reach is even wider. Yet the needs are even deeper. in Idaho we have three big issues on the table, rather than the ballot, the expansion on legalized gambling, and expansion of Medicaid. Beyond that what else is up fro grabs here. Sure I suppose if I was watching TV I’d know more , but I haven’t had decent TV for nearly a year and a half. Now with my older TV on the fritz I don’t even get the two LPTV stations I used to watch. Sure I got a big screen now but its all digital,and will only respond to cable or satellite, and with my finances at a sliver don’t allow for even that. Most of anything I know of what’s going on is via the Internet, and real news coverage there is a hit and miss. Mostly a miss. Things have not been that great here lately , money has been tighter than a turtles pecker, and between trying to make up rents, get people out of foreign nations, I’m not even getting any money for that by the way, DI getting canned at first, then getting rehired; its been a gall dang nightmare. Plus trying to eek out a show on a regular basis, with a clear head to do it, its a wonder that I have any sanity at all. PoohBears mess up . her fault or not this month on money getting to me, the repo on my car, and all has taken its toll. I’m damn near ready to take everything I’m doing, put it all in storage, including my mini truck, shut off the station for a few months, take just a computer and my phone and just what I need to live, and go hide somewhere, that no one knows me, and just unwind and uncork. If it wasn’t for my pup, I’d do that in a second. I have a landlord bitching for $2,000.00 barely got my phone back on, its just too much. So if ya’ll don’t see me on the Internet, for a few weeks now you know why.  Look I love PoohBear very much, but I’m even wondering if I can do that any more. Love is great, but where’s the money to pay rent, buy food, and all of that. We had a chance to adopt 4 kids from a lost Brother that passed away this year, well, got word today that’s not possible due to the instability of finances and residence. Maybe i ain’t just the marrying kind? I gotta get my own shyt together before I can take on even more of a load. See ya’ll after Thanksgiving.



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