BLM and Hispanic speakers stay in your own Nation, avoid ours.

Upon the very second they swear me in as President of these here U.S. of A, states(yes I am looking to run, on the Confederate States Party ) that all companies doing business in this nation have employees that are native to our soil. That can speak English, and especially our Southern English, that can write American and completes at least 4 years of school, in this nation. Add to that that they enlist in our armed forces. Here’s what brought me to this. I began to wonder why DI, and a few others including PoohBear couldn’t get in touch with by phone. So came home snagged my old flip phone and was going to inquir on my messages. The computer sent me to Verizon financial, where I have been for the past 3 hours trying to get at least one person there that A; spoke English, 2: could problem solve, and 3: had the authority to get my services back on. Which it is now, but my it was a crap shoot. But its not just Verizon, its every damn big company, be it a cable, internet, or any company. These damn call centers from India to the Phillipines and so on, including Mexico and even Harlem, can’t speak English. If you can’t speak our native tongue as your main language, get the heck out of here. So need to get in touch with all of the needed people Tuesday morning but damn. Now dig this, what would have happened if I had gotten really sick, or needed to call for help? I’d have been shit creek without a paddle. All because the bastards couldn’t wait 3 damn days? And where has the money I been paying these pricks been going? And then the had the nerve to be asking me for sensitive information on my bank? Are they brain dead? No way in hell am I going to give out that to someone I don’t know. To add insult to my injury, couldn’t call for my prescriptions, and then came a major tow call, that I wouldn’t have gotten if it hadn’t been for my two way. I’m thinking Verizon, needs an overhaul in its personeel department. We’re on the air overnight. 


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