Metoo is not just women, or is it?

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Now I want you to imagine just for a momento that your sitting in your facilities break room, hounding over your first bunch of donuts and coffee. When some gal that’s kinda hot with amble in front comes up to you with her friend. The friend relates to you that the ample breasted gal is a bit shy but would love to know if you would test her just newly done implants felt real,? Of course if your the normally aspirated male corpuscle as wildly full of testerone is of course going to say, ah why not? Now in this case its of course on the surface, not considered sexual advancement on the job and will sail right past human resources, as who cares? Now if this were in reverse, say a shy guy goes up to a lady and asks you something similar, guess what? Your sitting in a 10 X 10 office answering questions. But its not just on the job. Nope. lets look at FakeBook for a second. I have seen countless photos go up that in the eye of many of FakeBook’s censors is not offensive. Thing is and it goes to flow, if a gal posts such photos, its okay, especially if its her. If a guy, even though its him posts anything that even shows near to full skin, its a FakeBook sin, and boom your in FakeBook’s suspended status, aka FB Jail. Is it right? Of course not, but if the complaint is that women are descriminated against and all that, I want you to tell me, the truth here? Men are the minority in this nation. If you think I’m blowing smoke think about it this way. 80% of all Television programming is aimed at the housewife, especially during the day. If the thought of the happy home maker at home with children, was a long ago concept, think again. Although many women have entered the work force and the man is at home doing housework and raising the kids. Have you ever seen a TV ad for jock itch cream right after or before one for some women’s pads or doushe product? When was the last time you saw a mans underwear ad right before or after one for the bra ad? Of course to be equal here, women, do-do the majority of the food shopping for a house hold. After all a man’s nutritional needs can be summed up in about 4, Pizza, Burgers, Beer, Salsa. Past that we really don’t care except for the occasional steak, or pork chop. For that matter ever see a ad for a car part on during the day on any channel besides say the Velocity Channel? But you’ll see everything from heels, to hair color products. Seems to me the Meetoo movement is just that a bad movement like bowel movement and both really stink. arm pit Then of course there are those things of the woman’s body that they will not show even on or very little on FakeBook. No its not their breasts or the VaaJayy-Jay images . It’s their feet 56bdd73687f500ed1055ef60e676fbea . Even if they cover them in fancy socks or nylons of some sort, they never show their feet. There’s always very high pointed pumps, with very sharp heels. Which when I’m auditioning for talent and especially in production demannd they not wear those. Reason? It only takes one small scrape or scratch of those heels across a $100,000.00 paint job to ruin an entire day of filming, in the bedroom, ever see one of those heels go through the top of a floatation mattress? Look during sex I don’t mind if things get wet, but that ain’t what I have in mind. Fact is in closing here. MeToo is just wrong. We will see you over the air starting near noon, right here on KTOW FM and online at: 

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