Wouldn’t be groovy to sleep and be on FakeBook all day?


Wouldn’t it be groovy if one could just sleep all day, run on your own clock and be on FakeBook all day? Even to the point of living just slightly higher than the poverty level? Heck you could just fart around and be lazy and crazy and no one gives a care. Especially your daily bread is being provided for from the tax payers. Have I got some news for some ya’ll. That law is being written. While many might have forgotten to do so, Social Security wants to know more about you, and if your truly in need. If not get off your ass and go to work they say. President Trump is pushing for both Disability and Welfare reform, and unless the mid terms turn all Democrat, guess what you best be taking classes or reducing your living level, as you now need to get to work. The scriptures says this as well. 2nd Timothy says , ” If a man don’t work, he shall not eat” If your able and can break a sweat, in this next legislative session you best be aiming your minds to that. Now I must admit for the last oh I’d say 10 years, after the freeze of assetts of the Montgomery Foundation, I was blessed enough to get SSI Disability. Unlike Many I seeked to better myself. Use that tax payers money to lift up my own  entrepreneurial visions. Using the only thing I had an old tow truck, a small box of tools and my brain. Then I went to get the word out. I found that getting the word out on most radio and even TV stations was a big dollar crap shoot gamble. Could something better be invented? So I got together with some of my riding buddies in the Knytes, and through trial and effort, we built one of the strongest ass kicking online and over the air radio station for us gearheads. In 1994 I left the radio thing , moved to Utah the first time. Set up shop, was doing okay same thing, high priced ads for me were just that too high priced. Well ya’ll the rest is history. This past month has been a hell and a roller coaster. Not knowing from one day to the next where I was going to hang my hat, let alone sleep, getting a sweet heart of a foreign nation, and then PoohBear not getting her money. Which snowballed into more problems. However that condition has been leveled and I was at and in strict survival mode. When your in strict survival mode, much of if nothing else matters. Especially at this time of year. What you need to do is find shelter and retain shelter. Radio werx, shops, hangars for aircraft, even tow trucking, takes a back seat. Now too there is my situation, which was exasperbaited this past month, that her fault or not, her money came up missing. As such no money for rent, or car payment. The fuss at work over that and trying to find extra money for rent, took its toll. So I lost my job, in Twin, fortunately as far as I know I got rehired, but haven’t heard a peep from them. Monday lost my phone so they couldn’t call me any way, which just might save my ass now. But I don’t stop trying. I saw a clip on FakeBook, about this lady I think it was NYC, who was abused at near 4 years old. She advanced past that , got some sort of degree in physical training, had two children, then got into a life threatening car wreck. Near death she struggled back to the top. Now she owns several nutritional and physical training centers. God didn’t promise little green apples and all things easy. He throws things in our path, most that we wonder, Why the hell is it me? things. However if we maintain and retain our faith in him, and know, not just believe, something I had to get retaught, by a sweet lady and family, in Wendell, Idaho. That if you truly trust and know in your heart that a miracle will happen, then it will happen. Any mile tonight will be some of the last shows we’ll be doing for a few months, from this area of Idaho. So tune in, at: http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 

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