Ever get the feeling like your way ahead and the rest of the world is lagging behind?Oh and do not trust Deseret Industries, they lie.

AyreWolf Aviation Gazzette

Happy Halloween, ya’ll from high a top Knytes Hall, where the chill thrill looks like we just might get some snow overnight. Was going to get in the air earlier, but weather caused me a go or no go, decision, so went, and snagged the last green for my jeans from DI. They told me they would hire me back, had the Bishop here give his okay, but nope, not gonna happen, so doing some mind work on step number two. So PoohBear, texts saying here’s the confirmation code. Guess what no code, and the fact that her other cell phone is operational again says to me, that she spent more money than she said she was, which does not help me much, but I think I can get manipulate things in such a way to get my shit straight. Then been working on this extraction from Africa for another…

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