Since I have nothing to loose I’m going to open up a can of worms, that will not seem palatable to Deseret Industries.

Before I get into my rant here, I need to say this. Over the last week or so, my want to get inside your radio has been strong, but this damn flu I have that will not let go has prevented that. Along with the stress of life in general. That being said I will now unfold the scroll. 

Now the idea of Deseret Industries, which is owned in whole by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is to enable the not so physically and mentally able people to learn skills that will give them a good chance of getting a regular job. There’s supposed to be job and life coaches, counseling and so on, along with albeit low pay but employment. I really would like to know where those portions of my job re-engagement plan went. I never had a job coach, no life coach, and certainly no counseling. Where did that go? Now I can understand by being a business owner and chronic entrapreneuer. That someone that can’t or wont show up for work, or does not do any work, should not be working for you. I really understand that as it’s been in my experience happened to us many times. However When the work schedules are changed without notice or even a phone call, when you have a real emergency, say like your car wont start, or your daughter passes away overnight and you need to be at a hospital, hold your daughter one last time, there ought to be a bit of compassion on the part of the employer. Especially one who has our saviors name plastered on the entrance and sign of the place. This was not the case with Deseret Industries of Twin Falls. What I got was outside of maybe two, a bunch of supervisors who got power trips, and treat employees like slaves, not workers or employees. Even when I threw my shoulder out lifting big trash bags full of used clothing into a cage or rack, I still kept going. When I broke the only belt to hold up my britches I cinched up with bailing twine and kept working. Several times I worked way past my hours and never complained and several times without lunch or even taking any of the 10 minute breaks. The one time I did, I had just barely sat down in the break room and was going to check my glucose level, some asshole over there came in and started bitching. I’m sorry $8.00 an hour is not me dieing over, and certainly not checking my blood sugar level enters there in. It wasn’t the hours or the work itself. I got along rather well with all that I worked with, except for the 3 asshole supervisors. Hell I had drill instructors in the Marines that treated people with more dignity. So while I know I will not get anywhere with anybody in any athority there at the Twin Falls center, the next time I cruise through Salt Lake City, and I’m having a sit down discussion, with someone tat can re-explain to those in command in Twin Falls that what they did to me was way outta line. What really twists my throttle is this, if they all had said I couldn’t have my job back at all, that’d have been one thing, but to promise me they would rehhire me back then when I called their bluff they didn’t naw this ain’t right. I will be on air for sure at 06:00 Friday morning.

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