My Turn

45238670_182742892606699_5884557434101432320_nAh the first of the month, and the first big payday for most. Got my influx of cash for the stash, and prayed long and hard on should I pay numb nose or not, finally figured that even though they are frienemies that its better to battle with the frienemy you know, rather than the enemy foe you don’t. Sunny loves going in stores and cafe’s a lot, most people know he’s a full bred wolf, but they also know he is my medical companion animal, so he’s allowed in most places. The times I do need him to stay in the cruiser, he just finds his spot on the back seat and catches a snooze. Does it bother you as it does me, but does it bother ya’ll how impersonal FakeBook is? Or that 80% of any one you meet there is putting up a front? Over half of those people you will never meet. If you ever do it will take a very long time for them to connect the dots to remember where they know you from. In years gone by that’s one of the things Bro and I were up against to the point we’d just ask, what bedroom do I know you from? I remember back when Joes Cafe there on Blue Lakes in Twin Falls used to be a JB’s Diner. Bro and I knew just about if not all the waitress’s in there, where they lived and what their bedroom looked like from the inside. But I have noticed on several so called rebel, confederate, all for Dixie pages and groups that 70% are no where near or in and fewer still are truly Confederates. The reason they are now, is because its hip and cool to be in love with things of the south, although it isn’t all they make it out to be. Even the townships etc of the south are not the Appalachien backwoods places they think it is. Hell Atlanta is 80% African American, most of the major cities in both Carolina’s are of a split of Hispanic and African American, its not all cut and dry white American’s that live in the dearly beloved south. The term Redneck, is way off course. The term came from rural, mostly farmers who got red necks while walking behind a plow led by a mule, or working all day on a open cab tractor. The thing is the way some of these folks act, is that we’re all backwoods people that are stupid or at least poorly educated. I have BIG news for most us southern folks are not stupid. Some of the finest colleges and Universities, are in the south. From Oral Roberts University in OKC Oklahoma to Devry Institute in Pheenix Arizona, have some of the finest minds of the world. Granted the way some of us talk, could be a detractor. After all we’d hate for our brain surgeon to say, ” Okay now, what we going to do is saw the top of your head off, root around in there with a stick and find that dern blamed clot” Beyond that some of the largest retail chains like Walmart started their lives in the south. Coca Cola came from the south, the best analgesic Goody’s Powders came from the south, the best music with fiddles, and all including New Orlens Blues came from the south. Yet these people on these groups and pages on Fake Book, make us look as if we were a bunch of sex craved lunatics. There ain’t no way a good real southern boy would treat a woman especially a fine lady the way some of these idiots carries on. Most of our old skool Moms from the south would’ve taken a switch to the back of our legs or our butts if we carried on that way around women. You just flat respected and honored women. For an example, that’s why unless it can’t be avoided, but I’ll never post, publish, film , photograph, any woman naked or even in a bikini. There’s got to be nylons, shorts top, shoes , boots, etc. No nudes. Its just plain trashy. If you make the commitment to a woman, like the words say, for better or for worse you stick with them. If ya’ll tell somebody something, especially if you spit and shake on it, you are bound by that promise to keep your word and do as you say. These are the lessons of, and what it means to be a REAL Confederate American, not this gibberish some of the clowns put up on Fake Book. As for me except on a rare occasion , never befriend anybody on FB, that I can’t go down to the local diner and have a cup of coffee with. My opinion I could be wrong.

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