What part of the word FEMALE did you not read or see? Young people need to learn to read and discontinue to be stupid.

What part of this>help wanted1 or this together as:>help wanted2 did you not understand? We are not hiring GUYS, for hell sake. Young people especially those who use such social sites as FakeBook some how cannot read and/or comprehend that when we are casting for talent I damn well ain’t hiring no guy, only puss. Yet I always get at least one transvestite. And yes I will descriminate. I will not hire a queer, LGBT, anything like that. No how, no way. I claim religious foundation, but hey I’ll be damn if I have one of those in the studio. Okay then, and if I flood enough places maybe one of those wipper snappers at FakeBook, Microsoft, and where-ever, but someome chick by some rare occurrence

is using my Highway Hooker Toewing Hotmail account on FakeBook. No wonder I get stupid ads and such on my pages. Who the hell is Stevie Stallwell? Why and how did she raid my account, and is there nobody at fakebook checking on these things? Do they not verify a email address before they register an account? Apparently not. Of course, and for FakeBook it would be rather costly I could sue, which I still might do just that. Not just for the money , but maybe to wake up one of those young hardly dry behind the ears college kids in Palo Alto California at fakebook. FakeBook has been catching monumentious amounts of shit lately. First for allowing the placement on facebook of political ads from the Russian mafia, to circumvent the 2016 elections, then three security breaches(that we know of) over the last two years and the end of that tunnel at least for facebook and Zuckerburg has cost him at least several billion dollars. Now I have heard rumors and they are just that, no confirmation yet, but rumors say that Zuckerburg is going to get booted off the Facebook, board as well as out of the command chair by facebook stock holders. Damn I hope so. However this don’t help me much. And what about Microsoft? Did they not see on my hotmail account something fishy swimming around there?  While I understand that there are millions against thousands in our case, but one would think for the high wages that these companies pay, why can’t they have at minimum of better gate keepers? How did this Stevie Stallwell get my id pic, how did she get my online pedigree? And why me? Look friends as bad as many would like to think it, I am nothing more than a retired Marine combat pilot, that does an online radio station , a pretty good shadetree mechanic that owns a mediocure towing service. Past that I’m not that frigging special, I have no big time powers and certainly I’m no damn braniac. So why does all these people hound on me? Its truly amazing. 

Guess the old adage of imitation is the best kind of flattery, in this case; does everyone got to copy, or try to duplicate me? Or that of the Knytes. Lets us do something online anywhere and there’s some drugged out drunken looser boozer that got to attempt to do as we do or as I do. The thing is I ain’t getting no royalties for any of it, and second, most of the time I have no idea of what I’m doing. 

Church in the morning and oh BTW, they have been barking you should reset your clock as its the end of Daylight savings time, these days why bother, your cell phone, computer and all does that already. 

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