So you going out to vote, Tuesday is voting day, it really is important!!

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So you going out to vote? November 6th is voting day in America. At least for mid term elections. Much of the hullabaloo is over which party controls the house and senate. The majority of people are still undecided with a slight edge and I mean slight edge being with Republicans, the Democrats though do control a heavy threat on the Republican majority in both houses. The rest sits on the shoulders of Governor and state house elections, and policy matters going to the polls. In Idaho Prop, 1 is to legalize horse racing, which if it passes, means legalized gambling. Hey might as well keep the money at home right? Problem is that money don’t stay in Idaho. It goes to a syndicate in California. So much for schools and infrastructure improvements and enhancements. So is it important you take time to go vote? Yes, but what I find funny, in a stupid way is the fact that Idaho does not give time relief to those couple hours to go vote, yet Utah gives employees two hours to go vote. Wyoming doesn’t either. Watch that change in the legislature next session if voter turn out is low. As for me I’m going, long enough to vote all Confederate National Party, just to show some unity Which is unit without the y. I don’t know any of the candidates like I usually do, and the ones that I do know, I’m not that big of a fan of, or close enough to them to give a rats ass. But I’m still going to go vote. In America, unlike some nations we have that right and duty, if not privlage. If we don’t use it , we might as well cave to the socialists. I am not no damn Rusky, and I’m an American, yes a Confederate, but also an American. Unlike many I have and still wear the globe and anchor and know what a love of country is. I fought for the rights to be American, and one of those rights is being able to vote.

Looks like PoohBear caught the same flu bug  I have, the problem is mine wont let go. No matter what I try, it holds onto me like a hungry cat clinging to my leg, Sneezing, coughing, bringing up flem, and gunk. This ain’t good. Still wondering about my home, ain’t seen no body yet today, but that don’t matter, I am looking for something else, but having to pay $500.00 last Friday kicked me in the groin financially. So need to assess my situation and act accordingly. Saw where one of last years applicants to be on our calendar has applied again. The trouble last time was transportation, what will be the trouble this time? I ain’t holding my breath. 

Going to try and be on air this evening through overnight. The trouble with that right now besides my voice sounding worse that the Wolfman’s is that we have been having all kinds of IT Computer problems. Last weeks wind storms and all didn’t do any of our transmission systems any good, so we muddle through. 

Finally here this afternoon, how much fly shit do you eat and/or consume? Don’t laugh. While most of us would not relish in sucking the bowels of the house fly dry, still every time we drink from a cup or glass that a fly has landed on, or sat on, we are eating his(or her) shit. Maybe that’s why we are sick a lot of the time.

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