Weekly Breefs For 11/5/2018

In the Weekly breefs for this week. Not much happening this week except for trying to save the Wolf’s Lair of Jerome, Idaho. Prick that rented us this place keeps jacking up the rent. As a stupid person, I gave the prick, $500.00 Friday, but only because he wouldn’t quit calling me. Had everything pretty much worked out to vamoose to Evanston, but got caught. So am up worrying about that. PoohBear needed more of her own money this month , so am stuck between a rock and a hard ground place. Funeral for my Loraigne cost me much more than I thought it would. $10,000.00 for the whole shooting match. So I’m really in a jam. Hope some of ya’ll can pass the hat around and fill up a collection plate cause I need to keep a roof over my head.

Speaking of funds. I was very blessed by uniting with Mirinda, in Gooding Idaho when I did. Her guidence and all to resources really helped me, but I wonder about other Vets, coming home from all these military theaters, that will need to meet the civilian world. Which is a big thing for anyone military. As such the AyreWolvez, Military Aviation Association is going for broke here on doing up a vintage aviation calendar as well as that of classic truck calendar. Proceeds will go after expenses to Veteran Aviation support services, for all Marine/Navy Aviators. Covering costs of housing, food, helping many get a job, and as well as counseling and so on. Help paying for old bills, such as power, gas, phone/internet and so on. If you want to help our aurial warriors here’s what you do, give us a call at 307-679-7209 or email us at : knytesofanarchy@yahoo.com .

More L8R Aviators.

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