I have no specific title for this entry so I’ll just let it flow.

Every time I watch that movie, Summer of 42 , I remember all to strongly the exact same situation happening to me. I fully remember Cathy Lynch, I remember the white go-go boots, the essence of her purfume, the white shorts, purple stockings all of it. I remember how inexperienced I was, and how nervous I was. I remember that wine, although I knew she knew I was well underage, she didn’t mind introducing me to the ultimate modes of seduction, by a woman, of a guy. I remember the next day doing chores that my parents knew I had been out somewhere, but wasn’t too concerned. I remember when Summer of 42 came out to be shown on TV, KMVT trying very hard to preserve some measure of decency and not polluting the minds of the area young guys around here, showing the film at near 02:00 hours. I remember recording the entire thing on a old Sony BetaMax, VCR . The movie came out before the book which was unheard of. I remember the stars of the film, the adult woman seducing a young male after the tragic loss of her military fiance. Jennifer past away in 1991. For some odd reason, and don’t ask me to explain it, cause I have no idea, but seems life experiences happen to me as though they were films, and/or TV shows. If it happens there, somehow it happens to me. 

Okay then, PoohBear didn’t call me last night before I went to bed, even though I went all the way over to Twin Falls to fetch my phone, and because of her just needing to keep, $250.00 of her funds means no cell phone for me for a month. Then she came at me with all this, breaking up shit, hell maybe I should. Maybe a bunch of the crap in my life would end if I did. I’m not going to, but damn it, if she keeps accusing me of it, might as well. I can tell you this, and I ain’t kidding, if some other gal with money, or some gal said move in with her until I got back on my feet, I’m not so sure I wouldn’t.  A year ago , I had that chance, a gal down in Hollister Idaho, had a room for rent for I think right at $200.00 a month. But PoohBear threw a fit so I didn’t. But my I was tempted. Can’t say that if that offer came up again, that I wouldn’t jump. Don’t get me wrong I truly love PoohBear, but love don’t buy a roof over thy head, or put food in thy tummy, nor build a business. Plus if she doesn’t trust me, then in fact , she doesn’t really love me. She likes the idea of being married and all, but there are times I wonder if she really loves me. I’m praying to Heavenly Father for to save me from the extreme cold of winter and keeping a roof over my head, and I am praying to Heavenly Father what to do about PoohBear.

Hang on tight friends this is going to be one bumpy ride.


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