Eviction hearing next Wednesday at 11:30 my what a couple of years this has been.

First of the thing is, where has all the money went that’s been paid out? $1,000.00 in August even though that was to be waived in exchange for cleaning the place I’m in now, $950.00 for September, where did that money go? In today’s world you can’t depend nor trust many people. October,PoohBear’s money got messed up again through that Amscot outfit, she’s still working on that, I got my car reposessed, which messed me up at work, and just when I thought everything was back together, my daughter suffers a DVT in the leg which overnight went to her lungs and a Pulminary Edima results in her death. Sure Rainy’s mother helped, but I had to cough up through the Club, funeral expenses. The time away resulted in me being discharged from DI, and just when I thought I had my job back they say no, again.  Which is why I’m now behind in rent monies. I had this bottled up last Friday, place in Evanston, all I needed was what I had in pocket money. But hey with near $20k of radio gear, my mini truck in the shop, and all couldn’t make a fast graceful exit. Even with that, had , Mr. Tyson, not been yapping all day for money, I could have gracefully left, had a crew to move my stuff, and my blood preasure amongst other things would be lower.  So one last time I go to my Bishop, needing a sit down, and see if one last time I could get his help with Mr. Tyson. Guess what? Bishop busy. It’s not that I have any real love for the place, but it is a roof over my head, and a place to house the radio werx. But this is not, the only time this has happened. Wasn’t so bad in Etown, although many visits with my friend and Bishop there happened, but I eventually got housing help there. Then due to some stupid reasons, moved to Wendell. The unknowing and fearful village residents decided to have everything but a lynching with me. So after looking moved to this trap. Sweated my body to near a tooth pick, there is no air hardly downstairs and the summer heat damn near killed me. I was out of there in August, and back to Etown, except I got this great offer from Mr. Tyson, and as such now it comes to eviction. 

At least I have a week or so to put together some outside resources, the can of worms that’s been opened is going to be more than worms, but serpents. 

How was your day?

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