Before we start barking up the good things of IoT and AI, how about we inject some good old fashioned Living person Intelligence and a help desk.


First of all I don’t have and don’t want no damn smartphone. Every damn provider says get one. Why so I can get into more debt than I am in already? Tell me much of what I can’t do with a desktop computer, a standard flip phone, and wearing out some shoe leather.  When it comes to doing any kind of business or generating money, I’d rather do it up in their face in person style, not chicken out to a Facebook or some other post. That’s just hiding and I have nothing to hide from or about. For the most part I can take photos of a accident scene for the fuz and insurance people, I can send and get texts to tell me how to get to the wreck scene. As far as the radio thing, Well that is on long time hold until such time as I can secure a place for it. That could be way into next year. On the same vein of thought. This gal from Africa somewhere, that the Knytes and WolfPack is trying to immigrate into the USA. She thinks its a hoodwink scheme. I don’t give a rats ass. Insult me or my efforts, stay in Africa. No skin off my nose, but it would be nice to get the $4,000.00 usd that the Knytes paid out to get the process going. I don’t think that too many people younger than 55 or so even completely read the things we chat about here, nor take the time to download the app, and tune into the radio show. If they did they’d understand what we do, how we do it. Since 1991 I have had 5 women that took the time to get involved. 1993 Robin, Whittaker of Rupert Idaho, Cynthia Newell of Nampa Idaho, Erin NurseGoodBody, Mirinda, and last year that went sour just for add on circumstances Angel. Past that nobody sticks their noses in far enough to see what’s going on. Marie was in the mix and so was Chandra, both of which could have moved this gig further than what it is now, but ya gotta work it. Can’t just come over and judge from 1st impressions. Technology only goes so far. When all these remote control tow beds and rollbacks came out everybody wanted us to go buy a couple. There is nothing I can’t do with the right trailer, and a winch. Plus I don’t tie up an entire truck at $3,000.00 a month payment to do just one thing. Any mile. Before we start getting in over our heads with artificial intelligence, lets get some grey haired human intelligence involved. Ya’ll think?


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