Everyone wants my help, and or the Club’s help, but when I need help, where are they?




From the Twitchells in Hagerman to I can’t count how many, when the call for help financially and otherwise went out, my Mom, Myself and my family went to the rescue. Not too mention that of the Knytes. All too many say its a con, some say other things, but it ain’t. The cause of the Knytes-of-Dixie moves on, but is hindered, by the costs of legal fees over a rumble in Texas a few years ago. That money has not yet been completely been recovered. Of course me, I moved from Evanston Wyoming for the sole purpose to rectify a few situations out west here, of which both the primary people involved, died. One a President of the Knytes, the other the Treasurer, of the Knytes. One in May 2017, the other about a year ago now. With a idea got into this trap forced upon me by some ill gotten neighborhood fears, I relocated here to Jerome Idaho. CenturyLink promised more bandwidth and greater speed, yet I’m getting less than I had in Wendell, in Jerome here. It took, nearly 3 months just to get the right things in place, and yet its still not right. Yes legal Eagles are working on that, but this has meant no cash flow to me. So I had to take albeit for the grand total of $300.00 a job at Deseret Industries. Of which I got nemonia . Had everything in place to vacate last Friday, but at near gun point had to give up $500.00 . I’m not going to go into the hows , why’s and all here, just that now that I need some help on the Money tree, its like nobody is around, broke, Or nearly broke. Where is all those honeys last year that cost me BIG money waiting on them to show up to do anything. Where is the return on the Investment of the sweetheart that went to the BIG cross bar hotel, that we chipped in money to help? Where are those do gooders, that we help each year, now that I need immediate money help, in the tune of $2,500.00 ? Yes there is the promise of the recovery money from and of the Montgomery Foundation, but that could still take months, and even with that, how could any of the attorney’s involved in that get in touch with me by snail mail, if I keep moving? So where are those people? 




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