Next week going into hiatus for at least a month.

Next week, I am going into hiatus mode for at least a month. No computers, no Fakebook, no radio station network, and very little Club(s) duties. Just getting into my tiny hot rod, and going where my money and it will take me. I’m far too tired to keep going the rounds with the constant upevil on Fakebook, arguments with PoohBear over which gal this week or day I’m supposed to be boinking, having to pay money, MY money for things like documents, for getting immigration process’s for someone. Only to be called a liar from other people on there. Here’s what bugs me. PoohBear is as sweet, kind, and loving as could be. She doesn’t really have a ton of money, she sends what she can, to me to help cover my basic expenses while I use mine to rebuild the radio werx. She only get’s $750.00 a month, and she sends right at $600.00 a month. Yet all of these people in this country and that from around the world, can’t at least cough up $100.00 a month? Even a one time investment of a $100.00. If just 30 people did that a piece, I could pay this debt I have on my place and remain on station. But nope, for all those followers on Fakebook, they can’t even spare at least a $100.00 or even $50.00? You know they have money, hell they have to buy smokes, dopem and pay for that blooming smartphone, yet for the same amount that they spend on a night out, they could contribute to my problem and saving the station here in Western Idaho. As long as the gig is running we do make good bank, problem is between the talent that says they are going to show, or help with ad sales etc, I have to move yet again. Once I do that guess what the network and all our radio shows takes a back seat, people loose interest, sponsors of the network, withdraw, and it takes another 3 to 6 months to get back up to speed. From the last week of June this year, to the last part of September, for each day and each hour of those days we lost $500.00 an hour in revenue generation. In other words $500.00 lost from the cash stash. Which meant couldn’t pay rent, which is why I’m at this point now.  Even with that LexiBelle got violated last April, couldn’t go do anything, because once again PoohBear’s money got fuggled up. Even then I was looking at getting out of this bassackwards place, yet thought things will improve. Am I blaming all of this on someone else? No!! Back a year ago September when I lost cable internet from Cable-One, I should have packed up and went back to western Wyoming, or even Utah. Nope thinking things will get better I stayed, Some of The Foundations money got distributed last December so I stayed put. It took until early May to get the problems with CenturyLink fixed. I even got an account rep that really called back on the phone. Then as figured a snafu on PoohBear’s funds and mine due to Fakebook over charging me money for ad’s that never did a single thing I was forced into relocating here to Jerome. As said enough is enough, so am making plans to shut it all down, get my butt moved and come mid spring refire everything. Mr. Cook has even made it to where I can’t even get married this coming February, now gotta wait until May 2019. This is no good in this neighborhood, so looking to get out of it. One long hiatus starts Monday.

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