This fund raising thing is not just about me, The Knytes or KTOW, its about setting up a defense fund for all Veterans, who get fleeced by greedy Landlords.

AYREWOLVEZ LOGO1 This post is meant to shed the light on a situation, not just my crisis. In this nation, there are countless slumlords who rent property that would otherwise be demolished to people on low incomes. This happens more to returning as well as retired military. You come back to a place that in your absence has changed. So you look for a place to live, you find one, get all comfortable and then the slumlord raises the rent or starts adding on things. Many times things never on the lease contract. In June this year , my sweet PoohBear’s money somehow got redirected to another account. So no rent to a okay Landlord. But no big threats to kick me out or to the curb. But with the goal of expanding our radio werx and all, much of which was through an increase in bandwidth from CenturyLink, I relocated here to Jerome, Idaho. Once I got here all through July, I sweated off at least 10 pounds, no ventalation no air hardly at all. When the people that resided where I am now, with pug dogs and such left, simply because the place had air conditioning, I recruited the help of a sweet lady and family near Wendell to come help. They did, we cleaned , and cleaned, and cleaned. Still dog piss smells and all  never disapaited. The deal was in exchange for the restoration of this apartment house, was the deposit, and one month’s rent was to be in exchanged for cleaning. Yet I got bugged, and bugged for just over $1,000.00 . September, had to get our Church ward involved. Now understand that everything that has happened here this is not just about me and my crisis. For me, I can bunk up in a fairly cheap motel. The Radio werx can with a lot of Government paper work can be moved. But what about the countless Veteran’s of this nation that come home, have to wade through more paper to get benefits, find employment that can take months even years. If you forget to fill in a form the right way, go to work for someone and the pay check is more than your military pension amount, if the list goes on and on. Yet, when you walk into an office to rent an office, that becomes a office and an apartment, and you say that’s a bit more expensive than we can afford, they shouldn’t take the first months rent as a deposit, and then make you pay more. Especially when you don’t return phone calls, should be an indication that we were having second and third thoughts about it. Even Angel said it was a bad idea. But the junior brother and partner of the Real Estate firm that rented us this place, didn’t mind taking what money we were paying. Add to that, a stipulation that no meetings of the MC could be had here. Well that lost the interest of the MC to this place. This kind of thing has to stop. Just because they can, don’t mean they should. Its just bad ethics. Now you can’t sue or countersue for bad ethics but you can howl about misrepresentation of a place. 

Now in Utah, there is a government agency that interceeds on such matters. It’s called the Utah, Consumer Protection Agency. Overseen by the State’s Attorney General’s office. Basic that if your getting screwed by a property owner there is somebody you can go to, to file a complaint with. Idaho , Wyoming, and Montana does not have such agencies, yet the services are needed. 

The goal here is to raise $3,000.00 by next Wednesday, not just to save my butt and the station here, but to secure the services of a attorney to supervise such transactions, for all Veteran’s so they don’t get screwed like I have. If you want to donate, just send a check of $100.00 to Knytes-of-Dixie to: 209 North Lincoln Jerome Idaho 83338 if we get just 30 people to donate $100.00 a piece we will have reached our goal. 

Tune in in the morning on the AM for us on: 

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