At a loss of a good title for this entry so I’ll just wyng it.

It was a rough week and an even rougher month. Don’t understand yet what went fuggled up with PoohBear’s money for October, but she knew that my ass was on fire here, and taking off $200.00 didn’t help none which is why I’m where I’m at right now. You see PoohBear thinks its just her added money I want from her, which ain’t true. I want what’s inside of her, her love, spirit and loyalty. Mostly her REAL Love, not just things superficial. But deep love don’t pay bills and certainly don’t satisfy greed property owners. I’ve got a few hands in this card game to play yet, here in Western Idaho, however I ain’t closed the door on parts Wyoming, either. Depends on if I can get Marie and a few others to help, A: to find other quarters for this radio werx, and two find me new digs. Preferably in Twinky Flatts. Did see something in Burley and over in Rupert. Thing is there is 4 days until trial, and might as well as enjoy them as best as I can. The other day I saw a place on Washington next to an old car lot there that said office space for rent so going over Saturday to see about that. There’s a ton of a bunch of things on my mind, not to mention not to be leaving ya’ll behind or in a bind. Now lets just see, if Marie shows in nylon hose to do a few radio shows, Says she will Saturday, we see been down that road b4, but I learned before you never burn bridges or close doors. The person you ignore today, might be the one you need a favor from tomorrow. Will I get a good wiff and a sniff, don’t know but hopefully this time may be the charm. See ya’ll on the air starting at 04:00 Mountain standard Time on: 

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