Rebel Radio Two is now up on our streaming site,

One more show done and ready for rebroadcast on our streaming site, Rebel Radio was the show overnight. Going to keep working on this until I need to pull the plug next week, when we’ll be silent until mid March 2019. 

This was not my choice, but circumstances means I need to shut down once again. Over the last several years I have enjoyed coming into your lives through our broadcasts. I’m not done, just need to scout out a place to plant this seed in a more furtle field. This could mean Twin Falls, Burley or even back to Wyoming which is where I’m aiming most of my thoughts and plans. Not that Evanston was so darn great or anything, but they over there seemed more welcoming. Hopefully I’ll be here again Friday night into Saturday morning. If not keep the lights on so I can find my way back to ya’ll. Until then, if I’m still alive and able, keep me and the Knytes of Dixie in your prayers. 

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