I just hate it when I get computer stumped. And then there are those women who love to ask goofy questions.

I was up all day long yesterday until 15:30 hours when the concept of using phone poles instead of toothpicks to hold my eyes open long enough to finish up my projects when I have to unplug and relocate about this time next week. I waited all morning long for this seatcover named Marie that I have always extended the invite to work for and with the club to. Yet as always , no visit, no phone call. Did she loose my number? It’s all over my fb profile. So then I think this is not nor should it be that we’re dead in the water. It just means finding a more furtle field to plant the seeds in. Look you can plant seeds in level ground, spread manure all over them, but if the ground is too frigid to absorb the nutrients the seeds will never germinate. In our case we can keep throwing good money after bad, where we are but all we do is spend rather than generate money. Sure a generic static website and all does okay, but I’d rather add some spice to the vision, and not only get but retain the attention to the observer who we need as a listener, and reader. This involves searching out good but not too conservative talent to pose with rides, and in the studio. Face it not every body especially younger women are into having their feet sucked or kissed,

not all are going to do the spread on a scoot

or across the hood of a truck. But there are those that will. Trouble is talent agencies don’t groove on that too well. I have worked with every agency that’s pro in metro Utah, yet most of those agencies , don’t groove on having their talent messed with. So that means finding talent out of an agency rather than book one with or through an agency. Yet Marie never showed, WTF? A phone call would have done wonders. So then you get some gals who ask all too many questions. Why can’t they just be simple? Like Nurse GoodBody, who’s only question was, simply , do you prefer stockings or pantyhose? She came injust me and erin , we got the gig complete, and still today we remain life long friends, whom I have on speed dial. Yet this Marie can’t even make a phone call. She said she needed gas money. What she can’t pony up even the what? $2.50 to buy fuel to drive from Twin Falls to Jerome, a 10 mile trip? If you want it, you go get it, if not you just kick tires. I’m done trying to light that fire. So then had perplexing dreams, in that even though I know for sure there is an environment change coming up next week, still I am confident that Heavenly Father will tell me which way I’m to go, and what to do. 

Okay then; I get terribly frustraited when I try to do something computer related. I know for damn sure there is a way to import my blog and all on Blogger here to this one, and even though I read how in about 20 times, I still have no clue as how to do that. Any mile be on the air just after Church today at 13:00 

web addy tag

Until then keep your wings level.

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