I think I got a bug, or some kind of computer virus that is slowing down Both of my computers.


Hey its Monday morning, just getting off air, but finding a bug in my computer. Don’t know if its a virus or what, but working on it. Think I found a place to reside, I use the word reside, since the word live , is a used word that does not apply. I have not lived in a place since I moved out of my house ld7db7542-m1xd-w640_h480_q80 near Hazzard Idaho. Yes its a real place and yes its real name is Hazzard. Population 130. As of the last census. Any mile, I slept most of the day yesterday, after hacking up blood. this cough I have the doctor thinks I might have chronic bronchitis so they are looking on getting me on an oxegen tank set up. Yea groovy, yet still have to make the move. If I do move and its seems like I will, moving near Paul Rupert, puts me in an area I know all too well, plus closer to Pocatello so I can see my son Eddy, and closer to going to Utah to do what I need to there for the radio werx, plus the immigration project of Laurette. That said, sleeping is becoming a severe need. Since all this relocation crap and the stress makes REM sleep, a ellusive dream rather than a continious reality. Then of course there’s my sweet PoohBear, whom I love without no end, what really grabs my butt though is that she thinks that every model and/or talent, or anybody on Facebook is after my body or something. I can’t understand why? As I’m not that grand looking at least in the GQ class, I don’t have much if any money, at least not like I used to when the TV series’ we produce hasn’t been active, the status in the Knytes/AyreWolvez doesn’t mean much although I have a major bunch responsibilities there that far exceeds my time in my world, plus I’m hitting near the 60 mile marker on the road of life, So why would any hottie want me? All I really am is a radio jock Marine, that is a pretty good Shadetree mechanic. That’s all. Yet PoohBear thinks that everything with hot legs and a body wants me. It boggles my mind.

The Knytes high council met here this past weekend. There is some new things in the production department for HazzardAyreRadio, Maximum Overdrive Radio, and Rebel Radio. Add to that the bio drama of the Knytes’s history from the founding to now, which has been gave the green light by Sundance Studios, near Park City Utah. So we will be casting that through both TMG out of Utah as well as the William Morris Agency out of Hollywood. Plus a independent casting company based out of Seattle. The title of the film we are keeping in Stealth mode right now, but its going to be a major film. 

Then there is politics. So many of our Confederate monuments, and historical statues and such are being ripped right out from existance, by Northern activists, that have no understanding. The time to bring to boil the Confederate National Party is now. The Knytes will be spear heading an effort to put more eys on the CNP, to get a candidate for President of these good ole U.S.-of A, states. In essence lets put a real confederate in the White House. One of our candidates lost in the mid term elections in our area by only 10 votes. While the SOCV does a good job, they are not as aggressive as we are. We need to preserve and educate the nation of the importance of our Confederate ancestors, as well as beigin to build on the idea, of a mdern era confederate party. 

I should be on air this evening, but need to catch some sleep so I can run over to Rupert to get me my roof over thy head. So Crazy Cooter here saying adios.

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