Some days you can’t get into second even if you double clutch it,Monday was one of those days.

I had very serious intentions on rolling over to the mini cassia area of Idaho yesterday , meaning Monday, but by mid day, and medications to rid me of this confounded cough, I hit the rack and did not awaken until I heard the rattling of my door. It was the current downstairs neighbor asking me to keep my eyes on the mail for them in case some important piece of mail for them got stuck in my box. Really. So I got up long enough to get a call from PoohBear, sift through emails, and see what trash was being thrown around fb. I don’t like fb, its nothing but a gossip page, no real serious anything business, or journalism on there any more. Quite frankly if I didn’t have to maintain order on our pages and groups on there, I’d shit can my fb account. But as its said, everybody goes there. Then there was and sorta is now the need for feed, but too tired and mired that I am, too lazy to even go to the store. So that being that closing the door and heading off to snore. See you this afternoon on Rebel Radio on 

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