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I read a few days ago about how certain medicines of Opiod can be habit forming and can even create a sense of peace. Don’t know much about that but this stuff the gave me for my Epliepsi leg cramps has me higher than a F-18 Super Hornet at mach 12. While the look outside my cockpit of home is bleak still I decided to go some different paths, and bust ass on our radio gig at least until I get LexiBelle home and in my grasp. While my destination is not firmly seated still I feel good about the possibility, of a place located near Paul and Rupert Idaho. The first thing however is finding a centralized home for SouthernSteele Media and of course that is including all things under the umbrella of HazzardAyre Radio. I feel satisfied on the grounds of HazzardAyre. Beyond the circumstances of how the name came to be and its creation, HazzardAyre is a brand, and needs cultivation.  Since biker/aviator military style bars and or eating places is still years into the future, the one thing we as members of this organization can do, is build something that can be legal and yet generate if not daily, monthly revenue for the Knytes as well as the WolfPack. It’s a thing of constantly spending money lets make some, however to make money you need to spend money and even though our means are very lean right now, there are ways to acquire the resources in humans and facilities we need. I thought that where we are here in Jerome Idaho was the answer, and it would be, except the people we rent this place from have become real greedy nerdic jerks. Sure I’m going in Wednesday to court to attempt to save this location, but I’m working on the basis of what if they are successful and we are not. So that means elsewhere, so full reignition of things HazzardAyre Radio has been pushed out to February 2019.  We need to get Laurette, and her son, who is supposed to be a computer guru, and her working the front of the op, while PoohBear and I work the real business op, of the radio media werx. But it is my bed time, gotta be awake at noon to get things done. Now for the last here. If we need to move evrything, our Internet connection etc will be down for about a month or so. That means I wont be on facebook or here on this newsblog. But I will be available by phone. 

Until L8R Today

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