So just what is a Stinky Toew?

So often I get asked, ” Just what is a Stinky Toew?” A Stinky toew has nothing to do with the corn chip aroma of a woman’s feet in a pair of nylons. It has to do with those downright hard to do recovery jobs that just about every Mountain area toewing professional has to do at sometime. Whether its rigging a truck off the side of a mountain, uncovering a foreign car out of a snow packed ditch or comedian strip, or retrieving a rocket powered motorcycle off a 1,000 foot bridge , (yes it was us and LexiBelle) that snagged that zoom zoom bike of old Evil Knievel. That is what is called a stinky toew. However since 1978 and slightly before that, Cooter’s Toewing along in partnership with SAMCRO Toew, Dixie Toewing and of course parent company Highway Hooker Toewing, We have had the trademark, of We LuV Toews. The Cinderella, toe smooch, the back ground of LexiBelle in the scene, became good or bad our exclusive trademark. Over the years finding the gal with just the right size and symetry feet and toes is a daunting task. That’s why I always ask anyone we cast in anything we do, what does their feet especially their toes look like.  Now with that said, Monkee, my last xyl(ex-Young-Lady) had this idea. If I could get that out of my system it would be better for us as a couple. Although she loved the idea of having a foot and toe worshiper, for a hubby, still she thought that me starring at other women’s peds was strange. So she came up with two ideas, first the TV ad, using the leggy look of sweet Daisy Duke, and all, to enhance the image we were attempting to put out there, and two, to have a fund raiser for our charity the Shriner’s Hospital in Utah. So she though get the most blonde, angelic gal we could find(this backfired) with the tiniest toes known to man, have her sit with LexiBelle inside say a Mall, or such, have the banner for KTOW in the back ground and have folks pledge money to just how many hours that I could kiss a woman’s stinky nylon feet\toes, in nylon hose. As there has never been a World record set for that, invite Guiness to become part of that, and set the record. Raise some money and generate one helluva lot of money and publicity for the Knytes, KTOW, and our toewing group. As of yet that has never been done, but we look to doing that next year sometime, bottom line we are looking for really tiny toes, oops toews. So that is why I always say, so what I lUv a Woman’s stinky Toes, or as we spell it toews, that enhances the fact that no matter the hour, weather, or  circumstances when it needs hooked we do, it no matter what. That is Stinky Toews.

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