How time flys when you wish it would slow down.

It’s now a Friday, Brother Yost calls, wondering if he can help me move things? Thing is I have to have a place to move it to. I’m as far along to finding a place to move to as I was a month ago. Except now I have a looming date of November 29th to be long gone from here. What makes it hard is my Cell phone is near to getting cut off since I had to pay that $200.00 the other day to Tyson, and with no money in the kitty to put down on anything coming up it makes moving everything very difficult. Needless to say, I’m concerned, and troubled. Yet I know Heavenly Father will look down on me and guide me, this me being here is not infinite. It’s very finite. There is some hopefuls, one I saw in Filer, another two or so, in Twin Falls and a trailer over in the Ruperty area. So nosing around to see what is out here. All too many of the available properties I see are connected to that Zumper outfit, that has a data system that can’t remember that its you signing in to leave a message. Artificial Intelligence , isn’t all together intelligent. Then I woke up too late to go fetch toilet paper, so trying to get through until 08:00 so I can go fetch that. Evanston Wyoming at least has that going for it. That a Walmart is open and you CAN get toilet paper at 02:00 in the morning, if you need to. 

Much to do today so I’m off to bed.

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