Good to the last drop and that bastard is good too.

The old slogan for Maxwell coffee works here too, ” Good to the Last Drop” I add, ” and that bastard is good too.” Tonight at 20:00 I will run the last show here on KTOW. The end came sooner than I had expected. The faults are all over, from CenturyLink messing up and not getting everything installed a month after we moved in , rather they farted around until early September and by then costing us $500,000.00 and starting a ton of things to happen that didn’t need to happen. Including our back rents on this place here in Jerome Idaho that we got evicted from just this past week. If you don’t think that one massive law suit, is coming of us against them, your not none too sober. Then of course, all the rest of the mess, its a wonder that I’m able to be sane. No company that I have heard of, gets treated by a utility, this way. None. Nor has the tech that installed it, plus the little lady who was our account rep, who quit CenturyLink because of it all. At least we know where she’s at. Add to that our new account rep, who as of yet has called. The least CenturyLink could do, is pay up our back rent to our landlord of $4000.00 that was because of our lack of revenue during our down time. Their disclaimer should have been the omen back a year ago September, CenturyLink’s disclaimer is :Not all services available in all areas. Instead they sold me on a system that took at least 6 months the first time around to get right,when we were in Wendell, Idaho. Then we stumbled upon this place here in Jerome, and it was wait another 3 months. But hey ya’ll learn. 

See ya’ll on the air overnight. After tonight we wont be on until just after the 1st of the year. But you can keep up to date right here on the website.

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