I wasn’t going to get drunk yet, but okay

I wasn’t going to get drunk yet, but okay. Seems just about everyone I talk to about this place where I currently call a home, thinks I’m being well, might as well lube up my anal canal. Problem is why didn’t the Judge see that the other day? Or was the Judge a bit tainted with Mr. Crook? You figure that one out. Thing is as bad as it looks something will break here very soon and this too will be forgotten, but how is it that the whatever commission on Real Estate and especially just all over authorities have nabbed this leasing company? I have read a few of the reviews of Crook’s land scam outfit, and they ain’t purtty, so why doesn’t somebody anybody, nail this outfit? Seems as though all too many attorney’s run from the idea of suing this Crook, that makes you wonder, how many lawyers has this Crook outfit, greased? 

Last night was the final at least for a month run for HazzardAyre/AyreWolf FM . Now it don’t mean we’re done for, but the money that we lost because of both CenturyLink, and to a small degree PoohBear,over the last two months, meant that instead of paying for our carrier sub to Spreaker, I had to pay an additional $200.00 to Crook, me and the local LDS Ward. So that is a mess. We still are available on cell phone and of course over the air, its just our online audience will be without for about a month. Okay then: The mission of both the Knytes and the AyreWolvez has not changed, nor will KTOW fade. We will still be doing our duty to fight for those who are terrorized and hurt by those people who operate above the law, and decency. More Later, join us tonight on KTOW FM 105.7 Buhl Idaho.

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