Pappy’s Journal 2

Well here it is Thanksgiving 2018. Hope this one goes better than last years. P00HBear called the fuz in Gooding saying she was being held hostage, so even the ah HCSO Swat team showed up. Really? Which started the whole mess over there which is 60% of the reason for the last 5 months I have lost or nearly lost what mind I had left. Understand common smarts would say that P00HBear is 80% of the problem and that it would be best that I went solo. However, understand and don’t ask me completely why, but I love the little witch. Of all the people I have known at least women, P00HBear has been the most faithful, and loyal lady except for maybe Monkee and even she had an alter agenda, and it wasn’t me. As for me I have to face this current hardship, of the cold weather and no home by the end of next week if something doesn’t surface, while she sits down there in the panhandle of Florida. So that’s that on that. I put up a thing on FakeBook, a few ago, that I did not want anyone sending me anything related to Christmas and the holidays. Sorry with the looming thing of being homeless, something I have never faced before, and even past that no Mom, Dad, Stephen, or any thing resembling family except for the Wolfpack, and Sunny, having a sub sandwich for a Thanksgiving dinner instead of some real eats like most do this time of year, I feel kinda blue anyway, and with everything else, I just as soon, postpone Christmas at least for me, until next year. I don’t even want to see a Santa Clause, or hear any Christmas music. I just don’t care this year. Its just too bad that my Church Ward, not that I’m not greatful for what they have done already, but considering the time of year and all, you’d think they could scrape up enough bread out of the Church’s cash stash so Cook would let me stay here long enough to find something to move to. At least through Christmas. But no they turned my request down. The best gift anyone or Heavenly Father could give me this year, is to just let me die in my sleep, so I don’t have to worry about this mortal life any more. But God has something for me to do, and I have faith that he’ll see me through all this, but how much more pain and suffering do I have to do? Any mile taking a few days off to rest and regroup around here. Saw a few possibles for residency on FB, so going to check them out. 

Have a Good Thanksgiving and keep you wings level

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