Thanksgiving is now over and settling in for the night.

Well Thanksgiving is now over and I’m settling in for the night. Thanks to the Knytes/WolfPack for the dinner and all. It was great hob knobbing with the guys, now there’s serious shit to do. First out of the box is finding a home for the radio op to keep it running without skipping too much time. Saw a bunch of offices behind me so going to do some 214 style negotiating to snag one of those. saw a few other rentals over the last few days, bottom line I want to be in move mode by Wednesday. As by Saturday there’s going to be a crude knock on the door with a big man with a badge saying get out. So need to shift into gear here. 

The only bad thing about Thanksgiving, is when you get home with all the leftovers, the whole damn place smells like turkey. I don’t like turkey. They’re dry, tasteless and smell funny. I know that we have turkey at Thanksgiving as there wasn’t a heap of a bunch of other critters to shoot to eat for that first pow-wow, but damn I’d rather have a ham. Sorry , but I love pork. Pork, with sweet taters and pork gravy, that’s eating southern style, but don’t forget the okra. Fried, deep fried, boiled , I don’t care but okra is natures perfect food. It is, 100% fat free. In itself. Okra is both a fruit and a veggie . The fruit comes from the seeds inside okra, the outside is the veggie. Either way I love the stuff. 

More on the Knyte Review. 

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