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We finally got to this point. It usually is a sour thing when one gets evicted from a domicile, but hell I’ve been looking for a new Wolf’s Lair since I moved in. The place was a dump when I moved in and outside of some piled up trash, this place is in better shape than it was when I moved in. Had I not moved in when I did, the Cook, crooks would have been without any tenant in any of this complex. The thing that motivated me moving in was air conditioning and the fact that there were two bathrooms and a bath tub. Had it not been for that I would have removed myself from here the first of August. So in a way the eviction enabled me to kill a lease without killing the lease. Okay enough of my personal barking.

The boys and I have been doing the private site howling most of the day. While we still will be parent over Highway Hooker Toewing, SAMCRO TOEW and SpeedWrench Toewing, we have decided in reference to move and all to fire up and operate as Cooter’s Toewing for the foreseeable future. In essence go full out on and about the Hazzard County image and persona. Stay tuned.

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