Today On: CooTer’s Gearz

Does it seem to you that no matter what you do for some , that their friends decide to trash YOU. This Wayne fartard, from the UK, decides to try to trash mouth about me. Shit I don’t have to do anything for any body, except PoohBear and Rick, past that I don’t give a diddly, cept maybe for the Knytes crew and all but still , the only thing I have to do, is find me a new roof for over my head by this time next week, add to that wake up, eat, tie my shoes and take a poop or piss those are the only things I, HAVE, to do. Beyond those things, everything else is out of kindness. This gal from Africa and her son, I am busy trying to get her extracated from there here. The trouble is with this Caravan shit from Hondoorus, and all anything immigration wise is a long procedure. Yet I get criticized for it. Really? 

Okay then; saw this old Dodge 2 ton on FB, now this is the half nostalgia and half modern age, buy an older truck , fit it to a modern carrier, and whammo, you have a truck that reflects old to new. Paint it up nice, drop in a big Mopar 440, just what we here at Cooter’s needs right? 

More later need to catch some snooze time.

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