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I used to sing Here comes the girls, now I sing here comes the online swindlers. As many of you go romping around your shopping malls toting your smartphones and all, looking for the next great deal, you might not be as careful as you might be usually. Right there whammo there goes another infection of a spammer or hacker. It can happen to us all. Thankfully I’ve learned a few things. Never, ever open a inbox, spam mail or junk mail message. If you really know the sender it might be safe, but many look the real thing. I usually look for such things as typos or improper grammar. Mis spelled words as well. Sometimes you can read the accent usually from the Philippines, or India. Sometimes Africa. Even if its not an offer to buy something, phishing expeditions over such platforms as Facebook, and more often over Yahoo is common. Yes Google gets a few , but Google does a mildly good job policing their networks. Not always, but most of the time. Of course visiting porn sites and the like can harbor in some pretty nasty virus’s and malware. Even a few Trojan horses. This time of year, there’s many of these fraudsters out and looking for holes in security and firewalls. Many firewalls and anti Virus programs do a good job but they’re not as comprehensive as they could be. Any mile Church for me today.

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