Just when you get to liking FakeBook someone throws a curve ball.

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Just when you get to liking fakeBook, someone throws you a curve Ball. Or insults the heck out of you to the point you nearly just want to shit can FakeBook and delete your FakeBook account. Quite frankly I have been near there quite a few times especially lately. Then if you bring up a subject few want to look at you get told sorry, nothing we can do. Of course there is the gender bias on fakeBook. I swear if you’re a woman, you can show as much of your body on FakeBook as you want and you will never get put in the FB freezer. But if your one of us male Corpuscles, and you put up a photo of a pretty lady in stockings and they can your ass. Really? Is decency and what’s proper for sale? Of course there’s those ads on FakeBook’s Marketplace. Searching for a place to live found a few, but the rest are tied into this outfit called Zumper. Company is on of San Francisco, the problem is either Zumper don’t screen the folks placing ads or FakeBook doesn’t so what you find are listings by people that you nearly have to chase down just to get a phone number. Or if the blooming thing is rented, no one goes to the effort of taking down the ad, or the ad leaves a heap amount of details out. And yet, your just supposed to know. Then there are those so called FB friends. Of which maybe 10 at the extreme you really know, out of that 10 you might get 5 to give you a helping up hand, or out of that 5 you just might, maybe, don’t push the maybe baby, but maybe 2 out of that 5 that will pony up some money to help YOU get out of a jamb. So I quite frankly put up a notice, unless you ride, fly, or I really know you, to where I could call you up and grab a cup with, don’t ask me to be your damn friend. At least on FakeBook. Naw just ain’t for me. As I said before, if it were not for the Knytes Samcro patch the WolfPack

ppj 3 or the radio werx, I’d kill my FakeBook Account, its just not worth it any more. FakeBook’s ad rates are way too high, the results from those ads are slim at best. You can’t really pinpoint or target certain customers, so why even bother? Hell, I get more traction for the action from Google My Business, and/or Yelp than I ever have on FakeBook. Now dig this. And Yahoo, is still the free Email king. I get better email results there and more recognition there at Yahoo, than I ever have on GMail. Technology is failing, and one of these days its going to go bang. Guess mail will then have to go through the Post Office, and for social things guess, Church and café’s will once again rule. Not phony FakeBook friends.


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