Thanks but no thanks

Thanks but no thanks, can this stuff get any worse?

Seems like it or there’s a strange demon lurking within my environment. No matter what it is, my ass is frying. Now dig this; the place I went to look at in Heyburn, well it burned alright. Spent a half tank of gas to gain nothing. That same tank of go fluid would have taken me to Etown to get into the Classic Lodge could have been moved by now. So why have me wait over a 3 day holiday, plus drive over there if the dern thing wasn’t accessable to me? Add to that, find out that, that Zumper outfit is full of crap as well. Ain’t no openings at Timberlake apartments. So why do they even have em up on Facebook? If ya’ll ain’t got it for sale, don’t advertise. Which means my bones are heading to Wyoming. Too bad Idaho, you blew it. Now its going to be some time until KSOA is running and need to get something on the concept for KTOW here, but for now nailed a place in ETown where they don’t clown around. Ever wonder why I never changed my phone number or bank account? Now you know. It’s time to undo what I did a year and a half ago. But at least I now have a place to be and can get back to creating things. That needs to be created. Need to find storage for mini Lexi, and all but at least now I rest with ease. Funny this though. I sailed through everything at ETown, yet couldn’t get approved in my home state of Idaho. Amazing huh?

Have a good one, now I can snag some sleep.

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