Now that the mutual bullshit is over we can now get down to business

Now that the mutual bullshit is over we can now get down to building a business. Our radio op, is the center of most of the income for both the Knytes as well as the WolfPack aka AyreWolvez. Running guns and weed, has not been that much of a income booster. Plus if one of us gets caught its jail city, don’t want that any more. So lets get this radio op, or radio operation , back to making money. There was a point the radio op, was knocking down about $500,000.00 a month plus some extras like service providers offering up free service contracts in exchange for on air promotions. So that works. Now the clincher is I have to move to ETown again, but if things work out right here this afternoon we’ll be in an office, just a few clicks away from where we are now. Wish the dern thing would have been built before I fell in the crap hole of cook’s but hey can’t do nothing about the past. 

Okay, ad sales. Let’s hire someone to do ad sales. There’s got to be a trusted someone to burn up some shoe leather and get out and sell ads for all our shows. 

Now then: As for me, I get at least one maybe two calls a day and at least two calls at night for towing and or road service in and around Evanston Wyoming. Something about the Name Highway Hooker Toewing draws people to me and the company. As such the need to find, secure a shop, get Lexibelle back in operation as well as our mini service truck. At $80.00 a call that’s $320.00 a day or $2,227.00 a week that’s just under $9,000.00 a month and that’s just with one tow rig and service truck imagine if we were running 3 trucks? Even considering a rollback. So that said, money can be made but it requires simply getting at it. Here in western Idaho it’d be a bitch to go toew. With all the toew companies here to compete with. In Etown, I’m pretty much it from the Utah/Wyoming line to Lyman. If we busted our butts we could be the absolute in toewing in Wyoming. But it doesn’t come with just sitting on our butts. So lets get people involved. Any mile I really need to catch some shut eye. I will be here overnight as I need to be packing and moving things. Volunteers are needed so if you can or would help, rattle my cage.

Ta Ta for now.

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