Sometimes you really need to ask questions, smooth talkers can lead you astray .

Sometimes and I hate to say this, but there are times that even church people or at least people that profess to be church people will take you down paths and even highways you don’t even want to go, especially online. Example: Went to the aid of a Phillipio on Facebook overnight last night. Guess what? I wont call her a spammer, but the only thing I did different online that has caused a whole lotta grief on my equipment was, yep her. Ya’ll got to be careful any more, even from folks on Facebook, sometimes they don’t catch it. If you run in with a gal named Maehope Berdon stay clear she’s a poser.

But it’s not just online. Take this joint I currently am housed in. I gave up a perfectly nice little house in Wendell, just on the whim, of a con by some snake eyed real estate scammer. So I have spent, what now $5,000.00 in rent, went hungry, truck still needs fixed and now need to put my life in tiny compartments all over the region. Really? Understand, the economy is shitty all over the world, people are hurting and in need I understand that, and Jesus taught to help the needy, but you need to be careful, there are coyotes in needy sheeps covers that can snag your butt. There was a time that one could Trust everyone, especially LDS Church members. We took care of each other, in all places and in all things, that includes having a heart. Thing is, by the hair of a whisper and the prayers, I got places for me and all the stuff. But did I really have to bend over and use lube to get anal invaded as bad as I did? I guess so, between 3 trips to the hospital, one trip because I was in the idea of sucide over this place, being roasted over the month of July, being gassed because someone tried to torch the place, then having a crew completely clean and all the place and I never got credit for it, just had to pay more money, having the Gen Jackson repoed twice, and for what? Plus only making a piddly amount at DI, no this ain’t for me, but in three more days I’m out of it, but my its been a shitter. 

So in closing here this morning, if you get a fb request from a Maehope Berdon on FB don’t give in there’s a problem there. Two; do not lease nothing from Cook Realty of Jerome, Idaho cause you’ll get took by those crooks, and 3: Just because they are LDS Church members, don’t always trust. Even they have or can have hidden agendas. 

We have a new sponsor; CoffeeMaid a quaint quick to go coffee place here in Hazzard, they have some really good java, great pastries , soup and sandwiches . Coming soon to Evanston Wyoming.

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