There’s a peaceful easy feeling going down

There’s a peaceful Easy Feeling going down here tonight. A far , far , howl from the last several weeks. Caught the green light to Evanston, and caught the caution light to the new home of HazzardAyre/Southern-Steele Media. That said I’m in a very small way going to miss the place, but not the rip off’s that own the place. Maybe and don’t push the maybe baby, in the future we might end up buying the place, but not today. Today we regain our warrior spirit, and will press on.

Did I miss something or did Google some how take a nasty turd? Seems as most of the day yesterday, I was resetting all my browsers and all. Was it the gal I met up with online, on FB, after all Phillipio folks do have those tendencies or did my computers swallow another germ? Cyber terrorism is especially this time of year epidemic and if your not watching, someone swipes you and your equipment is gone. Or at least seriously injured. The question I need to seriously ask, north, south, east, or west, can’t we all just get along in peace and lovingly? Any way that truly would be a Peaceful Easy Feeling going down.

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