This can be displayed on FakeBook, Mine somehow can’t

Dig this friends, had an incident earlier on the prime social media site FakeBook, where I commnted on two photos that they were a bit dorky, and then got hammered, and froze out of FakeBook until I went through a pile after Chicken crap to get back in. While this could be displayed

This can’t 

At least not by me or the MC or the AC. Really? The whole problem still extends to the fact that ,A: A disliked a troller or two, and B: I once stood up to FakeBook so they couldn’t keep draining my bank account dry. 60% of the reason I was broke so much the year before and this year is simply that We bought ads to hire new on air and web ad visual talent, and got little if any response. The ones we didn’t get a response to, I unfriended. Oops  , FakeBook don’t like that. Plus I disliked and left a bunch of groups. I think there’s many more than me leaving FakeBook, and going elsewhere. Along with their ad checkbook and credit card. As much as many would claim we have moved past the ancient and moved into a more anarchist realm of thought, in many ways in many places, we are still living in Victorian ways. Not saying covering up, is a bad thing, there ought to be something left to imagination , but a little skin don’t hurt no one. Any more than Daisy’s legs. So wuzz up with that? Be careful what you post on FakeBook.

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