On the air again, can’t wait to get on the air again, yep we is

Hey, KTOW is back on air again at least until mid week. Yep all is online once again. Holding off the haul to ETown until Monday as there is a winter storm warning for that area, and with sorta bald tires not chancing it. I’d rather shell out to cook for a few days rather than get killed. Anyway needed the extra time to get things together here. Found a few things hacked yesterday, so again spent time all day getting that unwound, wasn’t purtty, maybe FakeBook recognized something or someone comprimizing my security. Who knows, but best be safe than sorry. PoohBear was in distress yesterday, apparently her and her brother went to McDonalds to chow down and PoohBear got deathly sick to the point of overnight hospitalization. 

Think I found a new ali on the war here. Can’t really remember where I know her from, maybe Church, any mile told her that I’m sinking faster that a lead ball and need a bit of a helper to find quarters for the station and all. I will be glad to get the move done, then my blood pressure will come down and can get back into a planning and operational mode. While doing overnight radio and all is fine, I usually have early morning to sleep. But since this upevil of being gave the boot here, my nerves and all, and the constant series of rejections, primarily because my current landlord, tells people calling in for a reference that I’m not a good risk. Now dig this; Classic did a complete credit and all search , and background, and that I came up clean. For some odd reason out of the state of Idaho, I do, very well, the office at I4 Solutions in Utah, got in there with a song, places in Wyoming same thing, here? Forget about it. Where would you rather be. But moving a radio station is not as easy as backing up the Uhaul, and loding up and moving. The FCC amongst others needs to approve a major relocation, before you even move one stick of furniture. Sure, regular filings, and operations as of last year can be done by internet, and operations can be ran by remote studio, but; where that 200 foot stick is located and that big silver box at the bottom of it can’t just be unplugged and hauled away. There’s much paperwork involved. Thus it takes time. So for the short haul on that got to find local quarters for the station. 

Any way, much to do today, be with you this afternoon on our online and over the air station, KTOW FM 105.7.

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