Welcome to my Universe won’t ya’ll come on in?

Day 4 , still not moved yet, snow storm, and Cash, has held things up a bit, but after Tuesday, I ain’t going to be here at least online, and most likely phone , until after the 1st of year. Reason, need to pay phone bill, and since I have pushed that out for a couple of months, well , its no phone for a bit although I’m going to see if I can rectify that in the morning. Add to that, in all the hoopla, over moving, a quiet but very informative officer reminded me that my tags on ye ole General were expired so, rather than try to fly through two other states with expired tags decided to put my feet up for a couple of days. Highway Hooker Radio will start to air again after the first of the year, as well as Rebel-Radio. Did find out about a place in TF for a grand that could stand to be our radio werx HQ. So that looks promising. 

Okay then; I don’t know who this gal is, or where she hails from, but I saw her on a FB group once called Wolf-Spirit, and she took my breath away. You’d think, I could get one of those admins, on there to tell me where it came from or who put it up there, but needless to say , who ever she is, I know we’d love to hire her.

Going to try and grind out an early morning show in the AM, on the AM, at 06:00 Mountain Standard Time, but its the last one here until after the first of the year since Tuesday, we unplug and do the UHaul boogie. Didn’t go to Church this morning, I slept like a baby, now that I have a direction of what I’m doing and all, thought good, Heavenly Father granted me a miracle blessing, so I’m going that way, the other two reasons I didn’t do Church today was A; Expired tags, B; really bad snow storm this morning, so stayed home and am finishing up things, cause I’m going on hiatus for a month. 

L*8*R ya’ll.

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