So you think what I do is easy, try it with a limited budget and staff.

So you think what I do is easy? Try doing it with a very reduced limited budget and a thin and small staff. 

Doing a good to excellent radio show takes hours of prep, There’s getting the music, then delving on the news, then combining that into a workable form to air. Then there’s the engineering, keeping equipment going. Then there’s all the administrative things from hiring to firing to promotional projects to attracting listeners of a radical, fight the system , anti-establishment attitudes, then there’s the big one, selling on air time, which in our case is the best deal any where, at a $100.00 a month, the advertisers get not only an on air voice ad, but their logo is placed on the site here, plus gets a 1/4 page ad in all our published, print newsletters. Likewise, being heard around the world online on our online platform. That’s a great deal, considering that $100.00 a month is all they pay, not priced or billed for each ad airing like other stations and networks do. So if you think, what I do is easy, try it. Having only 5 people on staff, in an entire region, I mostly do this all, by myself. Apparently no body wants to work on a sweat equity basis to help us increase our radio op. So its everyday, from 5:00 PM or 17:00 hours to 06:00 hours every day even weekends. Add to that , still going toewing and flying. Can I have an Amen? 

Haven’t heard from Kathleen, on her eviction thing. It’s tough this time of year, even me, I should have been outta here by now, but tags on the General, are expired, plus heavy snow, with only $800.00 left to do everything. Plus my mini truck where to put it? It’s supposed to clear up Tuesday, but I can’t keep paying the crooks, so I’m sweating right now. So too, still doing the radio gig, hey the shows must go on. 

Yea it ain’t easy, so how is your day starting?

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